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The second HIV-Patient after stem cell Transplantation, virus-free

For the second Time in the world, a case became known, after a HIV-Patient after a stem cell Transplantation, virus-free. The scientific magazine “Nature” reported. Therefore, no HI was detected in the patient for 19 months-anti-virus more.

A similar case had taken place 12 years ago. Timothy Ray Brown has applied since 2008 as the first and, to date, only one HIV infection for the healed man. Better known as "Berlin Patient", had treated him at that time, Doctors at Berlin’s Charite hospital.

The London Doctors treated the patients described according to the same principle as in the time of the Berlin colleagues. You don’t want to speak prematurely of a permanent cure, because the study situation is still very thin. In addition, the stem cell transplants were performed actually, in order to additional cancers to combat the patient.

"Repeatability is essential for scientific Evidenz"

The HIV Patient in the current case report was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer, Hodgin’s lymphoma, glands, which treatment, the Doctors bone marrow transplant. The selected donor of the stem cells carried a genetic mutation that made him resistant to HIV infection.

German scientists have stressed on Tuesday that the new report will have a great importance, called but of caution. "Repeatability is an important criterion of scientific Evidenz", the Director of the Department of Virology at the University hospital of Heidelberg, Hans-Georg said Kräusslich.

Also, in the future, but the transplant with stem cells will not to be an Option for the healing of HIV-infection, if the transplant is not diseases caused by other reason. It was a massive intervention, the "in the face of a generally well-tolerated and effective long-term anti-viral therapy is not acceptable would be if he indicated for other medical reasons wäre".

Earlier patients on treatment died

Gero Hütter, 2008 doctor of "Berlin Patienten", pointed out that since the successful transplant in the case of Timothy Ray Brown will try to reproduce this case. "Unfortunately, some of the patients who had received the same treatment have died early of complications or relapse of their cancer disease."

The President of the German society for infectiology (DGI), Gerd Fätkenheuer, said the report shows that the cure of the Berlin patient gewesem not a singular event, but, in principle, repeatable. He’ll give the scientists a boost sought after Due to a cure of HIV. "However, it is still completely unclear what methods can be successful in the end."