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The speed of walking to our remaining life expectancy

Researchers: speed speed says a lot about the health

The speed of walking can also display our risk of death and how it relates to our health and physical fitness is ordered. The have recently found US-scientists at the University of Southern California studies. In the course of the research work showed, the faster we are commonplace to walk on the road, the better our health is.

Indicators of health condition

To check the state of health of a person, engage Physicians, among other things, on measures such as blood pressure measurement or the determination of the Body Mass Index (BMI). Researchers from the USA are now reporting that it also could be helpful, a further indicator to add: measure how fast you’re going. The speed could even provide information about the risk of death.

Risk for cardiovascular disease assess

“A really strong predictor for mortality, the response speed is,” said Christina M. Dieli-Conwright of the University of Southern California (USC) in a message.

Studies have shown that the faster the Tempo is, the better the health outcomes. Conversely, it may be an indication of disease, when the gear slows down particularly strong.

Heart surgeons have spoken out in an article in the journal “JAMA” to using the gear speed as a way to identify patients who have difficulty recovering from surgery.

In addition, there are, according to the USC indications that you could assess the risk for cardiovascular diseases and disorders of the Central nervous system.

Researchers use gait speed as a Marker

While Doctors are not using gait speed as a Marker, to do this, researchers such as Dieli-Conwright.

She is currently researching how movement can affect the results for breast cancer Survivors, and the gear speed is a point that your Team observed.

“The idea is, the sicker someone is – it is due to cancer treatment or other disease, the more he loses in strength and movement ability“, said the scientist.

“Imagine, if someone has not at all trained. They are more affected by chemotherapy.“

This could result in these cancer patients that they have difficulties to walk to the toilet and often barely get out of bed.

Biological age of a person to determine
As it says in the journal JAMA, Doctors could use the speed to determine the biological age of a Person, younger or older can be as your chronological age.

In the communication from the USC but it is also noted that there is no evidence that the increase in speed reduces the likelihood of development of diseases and premature death.

Finally, Dieli-Conwright on the importance of walking has pointed out, regardless of age. “Something as simple as a walking program can contribute to the preservation of the General health,” says the researcher. (ad)