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This Blogger Is Recreating Meghan Markle’s Best Looks

From her messy buns to bare legs – Meghan Markle is seriously shaking up royal protocol with her stylish choices. But given that Megs is one genetically blessed individual, her sartorial choices have seemed somewhat unaccessible. Until now.

Katie Sturino, the fashion genius behind The 12ish Style blog, has recreated Meghan’s best outfits for her #SupersizeTheLook series. It’s a project she started a couple of years ago in a bid to show all women that they can pull off celeb styles at any size.

“Meghan Markle is a natural choice to supersize right now because the world is watching her every outfit!”  Katie told The Independent.  “She has a clean and easy style so it’s nice to translate it for women of all sizes.”

Which one is marrying Harry amiright?? A very royal #supersizethelook ??????????????

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She’s also recruited her friend and fellow “plus size” fashion blogger Extra Extra Style to play Prince Harry. 

Inevitably, some awful people on the Internet took issue with her work like one commenter who suggested it’d be healthier for Katie to lose weight to fit into Meghan’s size instead.

“It’s probably not the most flattering public image for fat chicks to post side-by-side photos comparing themselves to thin people. There’s a reason people feel that being noticeable overweight is embarrassing – it suggests that’s you’re a glutton and/or incredibly lazy,” another wrote. 

“It always shocks me how far we have to go to change people’s minds about body acceptance,” Katie captioned an Instagram post calling out the trolls. “We have been force fed a diet of 0% acceptance for people in the public eye that are not a certain size and I would dare to say many of the people who make comments like this are struggling with their own body acceptance. But it’s working… slowly we’re moving the needle.”

Hear, hear. 

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