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This Is Exactly What Kourtney Kardashian Eats on Cheat Days

What's the point of being on a diet if you can't treat yourself to a cheat day once in a while? Seriously, giving in to your cravings every now and then is just as important as eating healthy. Kourtney Kardashian, former keto dieter, agrees. 

In a recent article on her lifestyle website, Poosh, Kardashian shared exactly how she splurges when she wants to satisfy her sweet tooth. 

“I cheat twice a day with a little something sweet after lunch and dinner," she said. "On my recent trip to Turks, we had a handful of junky foods, like Double Stuf Oreos and Cheetos for all of us to snack on.”

Last year, Kardashian revealed that she had become much more relaxed about her diet than she used to be. But in Poosh, she admitted that she also took cheat days when she a devoted follower of the keto diet. 

"When I did the keto diet, I was very strict six days a week and my cheat day was on Sundays," she said. "I’d go to the farmers market before church and get a matcha latte and chocolate croissant from Alfred’s, and then after church, I’d head to Soho House for their buffet (all-you-can-eat waffles with butter and syrup)."

Now that's the kind of cheat day we can get behind. Croissants and waffles are seriously off-limits when it comes to the high-fat, low-carb keto regimen. But giving yourself a day to break the rules makes it way more sustainable.  

"Yes, indulging every once in a while is self-care," she said in Poosh. "Whether you follow a strict diet or not, we all deserve days off. No guilt and no boundaries."

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