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This Is The Beauty Product That's Making A Difference To Cancer Patients

The team at Mary Kay Cosmetics is collaborating with the Look Good, Feel Better Foundation to help cancer patients feel confident while they are battling the disease.

Mary Kay is donating $1 for each sale of their Baked Heart Cheek Powder towards the Look Good, Feel Better Foundation. The charity is a free national community service program that helps cancer patients manage the appearance-related side-effects of their chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Mary Kay Australia’s Marketing Manager, Juliana Hui, said that she believes the collaboration is a good fit due to their focus on giving back to others.

“We believe beautiful comes from the inside out,” she told WH over email. “Most importantly, everyone deserves to feel beautiful and empowered. Through the Look Good, Feel Better workshop, we are leaving cancer patients with confidence to fight anxiety and depression due to their change in appearance.”

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The cute Baked Heart Cheek Powders come in two colours, ‘Kind Heart’ and ‘Giving Heart’. And at $24 each, they’re pretty affordable too! 

Mary Kay Baked Heart Cheek Powder

Anyone who wants to get involved in the Look Good, Feel Better Foundation can check out their website to give donations or join the group of volunteers.

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