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This Is The Workout That Got Alexandra Daddario Into 'Baywatch' Shape

Alexandra Daddario of Baywatch fame is a force to be reckoned with. In addition to being a big-screen star, she’s also a doting dog mom, spokesperson for the United Nations Foundation, and avid yogi. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Daddario, who is launching a new partnership with Kleenex. Here, she filled us in on her favorite healthy foods, go-to workouts, and how she manages to find balance.

On staying centered

Daddario tells us she often likes to “shut off and disconnect.” She stresses the importance of meditating for “five or ten minutes every day, twenty if you can.”

She also emphasizes the importance of self care. Her best advice? Forgive yourself: “We live in a time where we’re really hard on ourselves, and I think that forgiving ourselves is a huge thing,” she says.

On her healthy eating habits

Daddario’s meal of choice is a mix of quinoa, avocado, and chicken breast. “When I’m hungry, I want food, like, now, or else I get very cranky,” she says, explaining why this speedy three-ingredient dish is her fave.

But she makes room for ‘cheat’ meals, too. “I think you have to indulge or the stress of not being able to enjoy what you eat will detract from any benefits you’re getting from eating healthy,” she explains. “Life is really stressful without chocolate.”

Her healthy-eating words of wisdom: If you want to have an ice cream sundae once a week, do it. If you want to have chocolate, do it. “As long as you’ve taken care of yourself in other ways, I think that it’s important to have balance,” she says.

On her favorite workouts

Daddario underwent grueling daily workouts to prep for her role as a lifeguard in the 2017 hit Baywatch. “I was doing more aerobic activity and way more weight training, which is something I’ve [since] incorporated into my daily routine,” she says. However, “it’s not a sustainable [lifestyle] unless you’re sorta being paid to do it.”

Now, the actress describes her workout routine as “more normal” since she doesn’t have to prep to be in a bathing suit 24/7. Her focus has shifted more towards hot yoga these days, such as Modo Yoga, which has studios all over the country, including New York and Los Angeles. “They teach mindfulness while getting a great workout,” she says, which in turn allows her to “go back out into the world with a way new approach to life.”

On her beauty favorites

A self-proclaimed “germaphobe”—that’s why she partnered with Kleenex, she says—Daddario keeps their wipes ($2; everywhere, including her purse and car, because they “don’t have harsh chemicals and they’re easy.” She’s also a fan of Burt’s Bees Lip Balm ($9 for a pack of 4; and Lancome mascara, but will use any brand. “Just throwing on some mascara makes a big difference,” she says, especially when going from a quick workout and wanting to quickly look put-together.

On giving back

“Do something nice for one person every day,” Daddario says, “even if it’s something really small, because it’ll be good for you and it’s good for the world—I think that we should pass it along.”

Her way of giving back? The actress works with the Elizabeth Taylor AIDs Foundation, which recently partnered with Nothing But Nets, an organization that provides bed nets to people in Africa to prevent malaria.

Daddario’s work with the foundation has brought her to Malawi, and she lit up while talking about her experience there. “You can make a difference,” she says. “It’s not like you’re just throwing money at nothing. These are proven, effective ways of making change.”

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