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Three reasons why your partner suddenly no longer able to smell

If you read this column often, you know, that in spite of my job as a Sex columnist not the woman for Super-Sensual am. Rather the for really Rough. And that’s exactly why we are talking today about a topic that some of the wrinkling the nose – in the truest sense of the word: What MAN makes, if he can’t smell his Sweetheart? Yes. I mean down there.

The idea for this column, I came, as I stumbled the other day in Instagram about an old friend of me once confided: “I love my girlfriend more than anything – but I hate the smell of it.”

The following dialogue I have reconstructed for you to the best of our Knowledge and belief.

I: “so in General? You used one of those awful of sweet perfume from the drugstore? Of me is always bad.“

He: “Nah. It is more of a …“

I: “does it Smell like sweat?”

He: “not. It is … well. Your Vagina smells. She’s in the shower constantly. I just don’t know what I can do. I don’t even have any more mood for Sex I find beautifully you. And before you ask: Lick it up not for nothing.“

I, in the best Jürgen Trovato-Sex-Detective-style: “Hm, there must be a reason!”

What I remember: How uncomfortable my friend was talking about this delicate subject. Because it is so: a) Licking a real man is everything to the ground, b) has man ALWAYS want to have Sex, and c) we feel the intimate smell of the people that we love, to be automatically pleasant. Or? That point a and b are nonsense, we know, you and me. But with the smell of your partner – how is that?

Is also nonsense. It may well be that you notice one day that you can’t smell your partner. Down there, on the top, generally speaking. May the first love has a fragrance of the veil over everything, and after some time you think, “phew. I don’t like it.“ This could be due to an incompatible body chemistry. However, other, more tangible factors can together be disturbing, especially when it comes to the scents of the South.

Disclaimer: the Following quite explicitly to the point. If you are sensitive or simply not affected, read pure but here. You should feel the problems from experience, read more, may the reading of this column can help you.

Option 1: not so much with Hygiene

You know, even if women give each other pleasure this way: We are not, per se, purely than men. If you don’t believe me, sneak to the nearest ladies ‘ room and realize: women can be the biggest pigs. And Yes, there are ladies who find that a shower is sufficient every three to four days. I speak from experience, dated I but once such a specimen was a smooth Ten with an asterisk, in the Bikini area, but latent before braised.

Should you get such a woman, to speak on the issue. Ice cold. Among us: Who does not consider it necessary to wash his Partner’s sake and to maintain, doesn’t deserve us.

Option 2: A forgotten Tampon

One of the reasons why you should your Sweetheart will never lay flat while wearing a Tampon: The thing can be pushed through the shock so deep that the woman can no longer reach it. Or simply forgets, finally, she feels nothing, no Leash, no resistance. The result: The forgotten foreign body begins to develop Inside of the Vagina, an unpleasant odor. This is the case, it is for your wife: presses, fumble, and in case of doubt, the gynecologist and to ask for help.

Option 3: An Infection

The smell that is bothering you, slightly sour, and is accompanied by a milky discharge is (what feels like during Sex, irritating, damn well, as mega-moist), it may indicate a fungal infection. You feel to a visit to the Hamburg fish market reminds, is a bacterial vaginosis is conceivable that an infection can be well treated with antibiotics. In both cases, your woman should visit the gynecologist.

You know now, what could be the reason that you can no longer smell the woman of your dreams. And now? Don’t rush it, maybe the hormonal balance of your partner is simply something out of balance. The of itself. The Problem remains as it is, you need to address it, even if it is for you and your wife have noticed the Problem long ago and perhaps is ashamed of it – equally ugly. You carry around the bad feeling that is the same as my old friend happen: The frustration grows, the desire for stuff is decreasing, and at the end they separate.

Hold the ears stiff and nose in the Wind. You can do this.

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