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Watch the moment a patient has pus and wax vacuumed out of their ear

Neel Raithatha’s patient has pus and wax vacuumed out of their ear

Watch the stomach-churning moment a patient has pus vacuumed out after a pimple in their ear became infected

  • Procedure was performed by Neel Raithatha, aka The Wax Whisperer
  • Footage shows a large, inflamed spot surrounded by both thick and watery pus
  • Although reluctant to budge at first, the debris later came out in large chunks
  • The spot was left intact but was irritated by the procedure and was left bleeding  
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Stomach-churning footage shows pus being removed from a patient’s ear after a pimple in their auditory canal became infected.

YouTube sensation Neel Raithatha, aka The Wax Whisperer, who runs The Hear Clinic in Oadby, Leicestershire, used a vacuum-like device to suck pus and wax out of the unnamed patient’s ear. 

The nauseating video shows the vacuum maneuvering its way through the patient’s ear hairs before the camera zooms in on a large, inflamed spot surrounded by both thick yellow and watery white pus. 

Although at first reluctant to budge, towards the end of the two minute video, pus and wax is being suctioned out of the patient’s ear in large chunks. 

Unlike the other internet sensation Sandra Lee, aka Dr Pimple Popper, The Wax Whisper leaves the patient’s spot intact and just focuses on removing the debris that surrounds it.

It is unclear if the patient’s hearing was affected or whether their spot has become infected again. 

The stomach-churning footage starts with a camera entering the unnamed patient’s ear, with the nauseating clip showing hairs and pieces of wax in their auditory canal

Once inside the ear canal, the video shows the infected spot, which was pink and inflamed

When the camera panned out, the footage shows the spot surrounded by thick yellow pus

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In July 2018, a neuroscientist explained it is normal for people to be engrossed and amazed by videos of pimples being popped.

The internet obsession is popular due to certain people having evolved to get pleasure from bumps being removed from the skin.

Videos like those made by the dermatologist Sandra Lee, aka Dr Pimple Popper, are common on social media, with the Californian doctor even having her own TV show. 

Neuroscientist Heather Berlin, from Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, says it is all down to people’s need to stay healthy and remove possibly dangerous things from their bodies.

She told the Washington Post: ‘Evolutionarily speaking, it’s normal behaviour to want to remove bumps from your skin.’ 

This is due to such bumps potentially being parasites or other unwanted visitors, Dr Berlin explained.

She added squeezing spots stimulates part of the brain that reacts to dopamine, a reward chemical, and gives people ‘a little hit of pleasure’.

Wax Whisperer once removed a pen lid from a patient’s ear 

This comes after footage released last April shows Mr Raithatha removing a wax-covered pen cap that was lodged in a patient’s ear for years.

He said: ‘I was shocked as at first I was unaware of what the object was. It is the worst item I have seen stuck to date.’

Buried deep in the unnamed patient’s ear canal, footage shows Mr Raithatha using forceps to dislodge the waxy object, before presenting it to the camera.

Mr Raithatha said: ‘The patient advised he must have accidentally dislodged the bottom end of a pen inside his ear as he had a habit of scratching the inside of his ear canal using the back of a pen.’  

The patient was referred to Mr Raithatha after being unable to have his ear syringed due to the mysterious blockage. 

Mr Raithatha said: ‘He was subsequently referred to see myself for treatment. 

‘The eardrum was fortunately not affected as it was lodged near the entrance of his ear canal. It took less than a minute.’

It is unclear how the patient recovered or whether his hearing was affected.

The Wax Whisper inserts a silver vacuum-like device (seen left) that suctions out the pus. Initially the pus, which is both thick yellow and watery white, was reluctant to be removed

Later in the video, the vacuum was able to remove the pus and wax in large chunks

Although the pimple was not popped, it was irritated by the procedure and started bleeding

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