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Weight loss tips: The easy morning ritual that could help you lose weight

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While there’s no magic fix for weight loss, lots of people swear by a lemon water flush in the morning. All you have to do is drink water infused with lemon every day and you’ll lose weight over time. Sounds too good to be true, right? chatted to nutritional therapist VJ Hamilton, aka The Autoimmunity Nutritionist to find out whether or not this easy morning ritual could actually help you drop a few pounds.

Lemon water isn’t only a delicious alternative to plain tap water, it could be the key to maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight, according to nutritional therapist VJ Hamilton.

She said: “Lemon water helps you stay well hydrated which is incredibly important for weight loss.

“Numerous studies have shown that increased water intake before meals promotes satiety and fullness, and reduces cravings.

“As a result, fewer calories are likely consumed, leading to weight loss.”

You could sip on this refreshing drink throughout the day to maximise the impact.

VJ pointed out: “If you substitute lemon water for fizzy drinks and fruits juices you are more likely to lose weight because the caloric intake is much less.”

Lemon water has the same effects whether you drink it in the morning or last thing at night, according to the expert.

However, she warned: “If you drink it at night time it could disrupt your sleep, so it is better to hydrate earlier in the day.”

You can use as much lemon as you like to make lemon water, but typically most people use half to a full lemon in one cup.

You can use warm or cold water, depending on your preference.

VJ added: “Lemons can be juiced and added to the water or you can squeeze the lemon juice in and then slice the lemon and it in the water to brew.

“Go for juicy ripe unwaxed lemons, especially if you are using the lemon zest.

“If you are using waxed lemons, avoid using the zest or clean the peel before use.”

Weight loss isn’t the only benefit of drinking lemon water, research suggests that lemon water helps to aid digestion.

The nutritional therapist said: “Lemon water has a similar structure to gastric juices in the stomach, so it promotes the release of bile from the liver.

“By promoting the release of bile from the liver it can support the smooth digestion of food through the GI tract.

“In addition, the citric acid found in lemon juice may help to protect liver function and neutralises oxidative stress which supports the body’s detoxification processes.”

Lemon is packed with useful minerals and vitamins that will help you look AND feel good.

VJ explained: “Evidence has linked the phytonutrients and vitamin C in lemons with improvements in skin, as they support the production of collagen in the body, which help with skin elasticity and anti-ageing.

“Lemon water is hydrating which helps with weight management, alongside kidney health (including kidney stones) and regular bowel movements.”

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