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Why an 'abundance mindset' is key to getting what you want

Kate Zourkas credits abundance rituals for the dream life she currently leads: her happy marriage, a career she loves and an increase in her income every year. "When I developed an abundance mindset and practised rituals like setting intentions, writing down and repeating positive affirmations, my life changed," says Zourkas, a human relations consultant.

Identify the subconscious beliefs that are holding you
back, then work on overcoming

"My ego had held me back before. Once I realised this, I shifted my mindset."

Developing an abundance mindset means believing there is plenty to go around, and not competing directly with anyone to achieve your goals. People who nurture this approach are also said to have a deeper sense of self-worth and security, which makes them open to exploring different options and being more creative.


To develop an abundance mindset, Sydney-based "manifestation coach" Juliette Kristine says you must first identify the subconscious beliefs that are holding you back from living your ideal life, then work on overcoming them.

"As children, we often absorb beliefs from the adults around us, like 'money doesn't grow on trees', which becomes our truth as adults," she says. "People who have an abundance mindset believe they already have plenty of what they need. I often tell my clients to give away time or money – whichever thing feels in short supply. This activates the abundance flow of energy."

A study published in Psychological Science found that those people who spent time helping others felt they ended up with more time because they were happier. They also took on more commitments despite having a busy schedule. To create more abundance in your life, give away what seems to be lacking now. It seems counter-intuitive, but it actually frees you up to focus on getting what you really need.


Zourkas says when she first started trying to shift her mindset to one of abundance, she felt as if she was lying to herself. She began meditating and "found it to be the most effective abundance ritual for me. "It centred me and put me in the right mind frame to visualise my ideal life," she says.

Visualisation can be a powerful technique to help you achieve your goals. Research from New Mexico State University found that not only can visualising your goals lead to improved performance, it can also boost confidence and reduce stress levels when an anticipated event actually happens.


Visualisation can also help you change your internal narrative, or what you tell yourself when facing an uncomfortable situation. This narrative has a huge influence on how you live your life. "If you're unhappy with your life, change the narrative," says Juliette Kristine. "Describe your life the way you want it to be, rather than how it is."

She suggests creating a vision board to change your personal narrative. Find images of people doing things that you'd like to do, and pictures that evoke strong emotions in you.

"When someone asks you for your story, talk about what's on your vision board, not what's currently happening," says Kristine. "The more you focus on this, the higher the chance you'll believe it, influencing your decisions and thought process. It's a powerful way to shift your mindset.

"Also listen to your gut and use intuition when it comes to making major life-changing decisions at work or in your life. If you can't hear your inner voice yet, meditate to tune in."

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