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This Bachelor Star Says Her Acne Cleared Up Because of These 5 Foods

Bekah Martinez, best known as the member of Bachelor Nation who went missing last November (it was all a misunderstanding, she later explained), just shared more information about another vanishing act.

In just over a year, her acne has almost completely disappeared. In a two-part post about her skin, she talked about her “severe acne” and the natural remedy that actually helped get rid of it after she tried everything from topicals to prescription medications. Her secret? Gut-healthy foods.

“The difference is unbelievable,” she wrote in her post, comparing her skin then and now. “Even though I’ve always had a healthy diet and lifestyle … I was still lacking in some key nutrients. Of course no cure is one-size-fits-all, but I still recommend trying this out if nothing else has helped you.”

PART 1/2: MY SECRETS TO HEALTHY SKIN THROUGH GUT HEALTH! (I can’t fit all the info into one post so I’m making back-to-back posts) . These photos are my skin in April 2017 and May 2018. The difference is unbelievable. If you check out my previous post on skin, you’ll see that I struggled with severe acne and became nearly hopeless after trying a huge variety of topicals and heavy prescription medications before I addressed the root of my skin issues: an unhealthy gut, even though I’ve always had a healthy diet and lifestyle— I was still lacking in some key nutrients. Of course no cure is one-size-fits-all, but I still recommend trying this out if nothing else has helped you. (Or if you struggle with gut-related issues in general!) . In no particular order, these are some different probiotic-rich, gut-healing drinks and foods I incorporate into my diet DAILY. I should also note that I’ve excluded meat, gluten and dairy (besides kefir) from my diet. The best way to get this good gut bacteria is through FOOD, NOT SUPPLEMENTS! Same goes for vitamin intake as well! You have to put in time and effort and patience to get real, lasting results. Give this regimen a solid and consistent try for at LEAST a month before coming to a conclusion! Unfortunately no amount of supplemental healing foods can help if your core diet is mainly processed food/sugar/grains/animal-byproducts with a lack of raw natural ingredients. . You don’t have to use the specific brands shown; this is just what’s been available to me where I shop and what I prefer 🙂 I recommend using a little bit of everything consistently and spread throughout the day if possible: for example, I’ll cook tempeh like bacon for breakfast, sip some of the gut shots before lunch, sip on kefir in the afternoon, and have kimchi as a side with dinner. . *GO TO NEXT POST FOR MORE DETAILS*

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Martinez might be onto something here. Consuming foods that contain gut-friendly bacteria can ease the GI inflammation that’s known to trigger skin problems.

“There’s an irrefutable connection between our gastrointestinal tract and our skin, and internal inflammation can absolutely manifest outwardly,” Robyn Gmyrek, MD, a dermatologist in New York City, previously told Health.

Martinez went on to share the five “probiotic-rich, gut-healing” drinks and foods she consumes daily. Here are her go-tos:

Gut shots

“I sip a tablespoon or two throughout the day whenever I pass the fridge,” she said, of Farmhouse Culture’s organic gut shots. “Tastes and smells pretty awful at first but I’ve developed an odd love for it.”

Bio-K shots

“I drink a quarter or half of a shot daily,” she said of the fermented rice product. “Tastes like liquid sour cream (nasty).”


Who needs the final rose when you have fermented cabbage? Calling this condiment the “love of her life,” she said she eats Mother In Law’s Kimchi with almost every meal.


Even though she’s eliminated meat, gluten, and almost all dairy products from her diet, Martinez enjoys Maple Hill’s strawberry kefir. “It’s kind of like liquid yogurt,” she wrote. “I’ll have a small glass as breakfast or as a snack.”


“If you use meat alternatives, you’re probably familiar with tempeh,” she shared, adding that she cooks it “like bacon” for breakfast. “Unlike tofu however, it’s fermented so it’s probiotic-rich.”

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