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Are You One Of The Thousands Of Women Who Will Find Out They’re Pregnant Today?

If your period is MIA, your boobs are looking bigger than usual or you can’t put your finger on why you’re feeling nauseous, it might be worth picking up a pregnancy test today. 

The Independent reports that January 17 has been dubbed ‘discovery day’ as it comes a little over two weeks after January 2 – the most common day of the year for couples to conceive. According to a recent study, baby births spike in September, with scientists citing the festive period nine months prior as the cause.

Parenting site Channel Mum suggests that around 10,000 women will pee on a stick and see those two stark lines today. 

They’re citing UK stats, so the data might not match Down Under’s baby making rates but the research regarding conception timing is relevant to us Aussies so it makes sense than many women will be discovering a bun in the oven right about now.  

Channel Mum’s survey discovered some other interesting info around pregnancy reveals. They found that less than 30 per cent of mums keep their news quiet until the 12 week mark, with one third telling friends and family as soon as they find out. Results showed that 62 per cent of mums carry on taking tests, despite already having a positive result, as they worry about the health of the pregnancy or the initial test being incorrect.

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