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Brie & Nikki Bella's 'Real & Raw' Childbirth Will Air on 'Total Bellas'

You know we love a good birth story around here, and we’re so excited to report that Total Bellas is going to deliver two dramatic childbirth stories, now that the E! series is returning from a midseason hiatus on Thursday night. In an exclusive interview, Brie Bella and Nikki Bella promised SheKnows that the show will spare no details of how they gave birth to Matteo and Buddy last July.

“I will say it’s almost like a science class because we show a lot of the labors,” Nikki told us. “It’s very real and raw because they’re off cell phone cameras … And the babies, and you see them being born completely, how you would in science class.”

We’ve been following the Bella twins’ pregnancies since early last year, but the former wrestlers managed to keep mum on the gritty details of Brie’s second and Nikki’s first childbirth experiences, saving the drama for their TV show. When last we left them in the series, we thought they would be giving birth in separate states, since Nikki is on fiancé Artem Chigvintsev’s health insurance, which wouldn’t cover her giving birth outside of California. Which is confusing, since we do know that the twins actually gave birth in the same hospital, on almost the same day.

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Thursday’s episode clears up that mystery. Nikki and Chigvintsev were on the road to Los Angeles when Brie called to say that their mother, Kathy Laurinaitis, had a brain tumor that needed to be removed immediately. They turned that car right around. Insurance be damned; Nikki was going to be there for her mom. (Now we’re wondering if the insurance company relented, or if they had to pay out-of-pocket. But that conversation probably doesn’t make for great TV.) Spoiler alert: Mama Bella is OK.

This week’s episode covers the very beginning of their babies’ births, as Nikki’s water breaks at the sisters’ joint doctor’s appointment — an incident they recounted on Live With Kelly and Ryan last week. But as if to prove Nikki’s science-class analogy, there is some rather detailed talk of Brie’s mucous plug, so that may be a hint of what’s to come.

We’ll have to wait until next week for the real labor to begin, and Brie promises it will be worth the wait.

“It was really neat because WWE [the show’s producer] goes, ‘This might be the best thing we’ve ever filmed,’” Brie told us.

“It is so amazing,” Nikki said. “I kept watching the episode, and I cried every time. You feel just all the emotions; it’s just so beautiful. And I think what you see is Brie and I had different labors. She had a C-section, and I had Matteo vaginally. So you see two different labors in the episode, which I think is really special because the emotions are different. And then Brie and Bryan didn’t know what sex they were having, and Artem and I knew, and we knew his name. They both couldn’t have been more different, but so beautiful. And then you got to see Brie and I seeing each other for the first time in the hospital and meeting our baby boys.”

Actually, that doesn’t sound like a science class at all, but rather a beautiful moment we can’t wait to witness ourselves. After that emotional journey, Brie said this season would cover some of their postpartum struggles as well.

“We took six weeks off after we gave birth, and then we started to film again the last two episodes,” Brie told us. “Every scene you see, my sister and I lose another pound. It’s like the evolution of the Bellas the last few episodes because you see what it’s really like in postpartum. The first three months, it is really hard to lose baby weight, and we are in front of the cameras all the time. [My husband] Bryan was like, ‘Wow, you look a lot different at the top of this one episode compared to the bottom of it’. That’s postpartum for you!”

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