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Bronze Mahomes Hit a Special Milestone & Is Catching Up to Sister Sterling

The youngest member of the “First Family of Football” just celebrated a very special milestone, and we can’t believe it happened so fast. Baby Bronze Mahomes turned 9 months old yesterday! And we mean no disrespect towards months seven and eight, but this one just feels different, ya know? The quarter months have a certain je ne sais quoi, and you’re not going to convince us otherwise.

Mom Brittany Mahomes shared a picture of Bronze on her Instagram and it’s too cute! The infant is lying on a gray pillow that is covered with his name written in white and in different fonts. He’s wearing a navy and white striped body suit and holding onto what looks to be a wooden circle that says, “nine months.” He’s also chewing on part of it, which is not surprising given he’s in the swing of teething. We’ve spotted him with a teether that can be chilled in the fridge and one that’s been around for 60 years (!!!) and is still a cult favorite.

There’s also a circle on the pillow that says, “Patrick Mahomes III” since that’s his real name. “Bronze” is just an adorable nickname.

“We were going [to call him] Trey at first because [he’s] the third obviously and everything like that,” dad Patrick Mahomes previously shared. “I started meeting more and more people with the nickname Trey, and [my brother] Jackson came up to me and was like, ‘What about Bronze?’”

“I kind of have the metal thing going with [my daughter] Sterling and all that,” Patrick continued, “and I thought it was a great idea, and I think it’s something I’m glad we came up with. I haven’t seen anybody else do that.”

What we love most of all about this picture is what Brittany wrote over it. “And only 5lbs away from being the same size as his sister,” she said with a laughing emoji. Can you believe it? The 9-month-old is quickly catching up to his 2-year-old sister Sterling. Does this mean the squishy, not-so-little nugget will grow up to be the same size as his dad? Patrick Mahomes — the quarterback who led the Kansas City Chiefs to two Super Bowl wins — is 6 feet 2 inches and weighs 225 pounds.

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It’s quite possible Bronze will be Brittany and Patrick Mahomes’ last kiddo. In an Instagram Q&A last week, the co-owner of the Kansas City Current admitted that she and her husband aren’t sure if a third baby is in their future. “Part of me says yes part of me says ehhhh maybe not!”

Regardless, we’re so happy for the Mahomes family as they celebrate this milestone “birthday” with their baby boy. There’s certainly no “ehhhh maybe not” about that.

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