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Carrie Underwood Pumps Breast Milk in Quite the Glam Locale

Carrie Underwood’s 2019 ACM Awards included some real hot and heavy, um, breast pumping. Underwood gave birth to her son Jacob Bryan two and a half months ago. Jacob is her second child with husband Mike Fisher; the two also share son Isaiah, 4.

Their newborn is enjoying his first trip to Las Vegas with the whole family, as Underwood was in town to perform at the American Country Music Awards ceremony.

The mom of two posted to Instagram before her big performance, with a super cute caption that a lot of mamas can relate to, country singer star or not: “Getting ready for my performance… also pumping… #Multitasking #ACMAwards #Southbound #LetsDoThis

Underwood often likes to keep it real when it comes to motherhood and social media. Fans loved the pre-ACMs post, responding with praise and gratitude.

“Thank you for helping us new mommas out here feel normal about our bodies and pumping!” one wrote.

“Haha multitasking at it’s [sic] finest. Wonder how many moms can say they pumped and performed you look stunning, friend!” said another.

Underwood was nominated for female vocalist of the year (although Kacey Musgraves won in that category). Underwood spoke with ET before the show about pre-ACMs performance jitters.

“My body is completely different than when it was a few months ago, and it’s always weird, kind of, to come back and [see] … do I still have it? Can I still sing?” Underwood mused. “Because I had an obstruction in this area for nine months, and now it’s gone. And it’s an adjustment period and it’s on the early side… .”

She added, “It’s the ACMs, I had to come. I wanted to perform.”

And perform she did, thrilling the crowd on her own — and with a performance with This Is Us star Chrissy Metz of “I’m Standing With You,” a song from Metz’s soon-to-be-released film debut, Breakthrough.

Not bad for a new mom of two who’s barely getting any sleep, eh?


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