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Elizabeth Hurley Celebrates Turning 54 With 4 Amazing Bikini Pics

It’s indisputable: Elizabeth Hurley simply does not age. Though the British model has been in her 50s since 2015, she looks more or less the same as she did when she first broke out onto the scene in 1994 — she’s even the same size.

As the Royals star told Harper’s Bazaar in their April 2019 issue, she still fits into the iconic Versace pin dress she wore for her fame-launching debut as Hugh Grant’s girlfriend at the London premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral 25 years ago — even though she says she doesn’t work out! “I don’t exercise,” she noted, “but I am very active.”

Indeed, it’s not like she’s just sitting on the couch eating bon bons! Hurley, who’s also a farmer, considers sensible, everyday activities the best way to stay in shape. “I believe in gentle exercise and lots of it,” the Elizabeth Hurley Beach swimwear designer told Us Weekly in October 2018. “So I believe in being active, going for walks, stretching, maybe a little yoga or a little Pilates. But I don’t like high impact, high energy sports. I don’t actually think they do you much good. As long as you get your heart rate to the rate you need it to get, which is a fast walk. But you need to do a bit of it.”

The key is making it a lifestyle rather than a fitness regimen. “I walk every day, so I try and hit my 10,000 steps a day and I do some stretching every day. And then sometimes I do a bit more, but that’s enough for me really,” she told Us.

As for her diet, she makes sure to start every day with a hearty meal. “I like things like an omelet, or I like avocado on toast or some tomatoes,” she added. “I always have something for breakfast.” And throughout the day, she’s noted she’ll have “lots and lots and lots” of veggies.

But back to that ‘90s Versace gown: Though Hurley, who has 17-year-old son Damian with ex-husband Steve Bing, says she could still wear it, she’s not about to do it. “Just because it still fits doesn’t mean I would wear it today — it wouldn’t be appropriate!”

That’s debatable! Scroll through to see recent photos of Hurley looking amazing — whether on the red carpet or in a bikini — and get more of her healthy living tips.

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