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Emilio Estevez Is Going to Be a Grandpa

Major milestone! Emilio Estevez became a dad in 1984 when he welcomed his now 34-year-old son, Taylor, and he’s about to become a grandfather.

“My son is about to become a father himself,” the Breakfast Club star, 56, told Us Weekly exclusively at WE Day 2019 on Thursday, April 25. “A lot is going to change.”

The Screen Actors Guild Award nominee, who also has a 34-year-old daughter, Paloma, with his ex-girlfriend, Carey Salley, opened up to Us about his favorite way to spend time with his son and daughter.


“When we can, we try to go snowboarding together,” the Mighty Ducks star said. “We’ll try to get up into the mountains and take trips together when we can.”

The two-time father recently worked with his children on his movie, The Public. “My daughter is an accomplished musician,” Estevez told Us earlier this month. “She’s a percussionist, so she came in to lay down some tracks on the film. All of the heavy percussion in the film, that’s my daughter.”

He added: “My son doubles me, and he’s also the stunt coordinator on the film, so there’s a scene in the film where my character gets pummeled, and of course, I’m no dummy, I let him take that hit! He also served as co-producer on the film and was able to really be a voice of reason, because in taking on so many jobs — I was producing, I was acting, I was directing, I’d written the script — you start to get a little lost in your own forest.”

With that in mind, “it was wonderful to be able to have my son on set,” Estevez told Us. “I could lean into him for support as someone obviously who knew me for quite a long time.”

With reporting by Taylor Ferber

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