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Eva Longoria Revealed the Shocking Habit She Dropped After Becoming a Mom to Her Son Santiago

Since welcoming her child in her 40s, Eva Longoria has been open about everything motherhood has taught her, from navigating difficult conversations to expanding their different types of playtime (our favorite is still the adorable kitchen playtime!) Most recently, she revealed the pesky habit she wasn’t able to break until she became the proud mama of her son Santiago.

In an interview with CNN per DailyMail, the Desperate Housewives alum shared the habit she broke after becoming a mom later in life to her little boy Santiago, and it’s so refreshing to hear! “I was a late mom,” she said. “It changes your life completely…because I used to be the center of my universe. And so making all the decisions based on me and my needs, and my wants, was harder than now. He’s the center of my universe. And so, it’s very easy to say no to a lot more things.”

The Eva’s Kitchen author also revealed she’s a strict mama. “I’m the discipline. I’m very tough. I’m a disciplinarian. I’m very loving and very supportive,” Longoria said. “We have structure, bedtime’s, bedtime, you know, no candy is no candy. If there’s candy, it’s one. You know, if he wants to play a game on the iPad, there’s a time limit.”

Back in 2015, Longoria and businessman José Antonio “Pepe” Bastón Patiño announced their engagement after being set up by a mutual friend. They married in May 2016, and later welcomed their first child together: a son named Santiago, 4, in 2018.

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