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Heres How The New Moon On August 8 Will Affect You If Youre A Cancer

The new moon on August 8, 2021 is all about passion, per Bustle. The celestial event will happen in the sign of Leo, which is known for creativity and passion. So those who follow the zodiac may find themselves feeling the urge to create some cute crafts or DIY something around the house as summer rages on. The new moon in Leo also coincides with the “lion’s gate portal,” which marks the sky’s brightest star, Sirius, coming back into view and moving into alignment with the sun. This is considered one of the luckiest days of the year, which makes it the perfect time to set brand new intentions, work on that mental health, and manifest anything that you’ve been wanting for your life.

“With this new moon occurring during the ‘lion’s gate portal,’ this amplifies our abilities to co-create with the universe,” astrologer Ellen Bowles told the outlet. “[The number] eight in numerology is the spiritual number of infinite possibilities and prosperity. Your Leo new moon intentions can quickly come into reality and are divinely supported by the energy of this day,” she said. If you’re a Cancer, this could also be a good time to take a deep dive into your current life.

Cancer should focus on finances during the new moon on August 8

According to Vogue, those born under the sign of Cancer (June 21 to July 22), should look to be more creative with their money. After months of locking in a budget and spending frugally, Cancers may also feel the need to treat themselves. Go ahead, buy that new dress or pair of shoes. Take that end-of-summer trip you’ve been dreaming about. However, keep yourself in check when it comes to your spending. Look for ways to boost your income such as an investment or side hustle. Doing the work now will help you continue to live the life you want with more financial freedom.

Meanwhile, Bustle reported that Cancers might be feeling a bit out of sorts when it comes to taking action to achieve their goals, and it may be as simple as just getting out of your own way to make things happen. “You have the power to make your biggest aspirations into a reality,” astrologer Ellen Bowles said. “Sometimes the only thing holding you back is your own self and need for security.” As the summer begins to wind down, Cancers should look to the future when it comes to finances. Make a plan, set some goals, and go for whatever it is your heart desires.

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