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How Ali Fedotowsky’s Marriage Has Changed After Baby No. 2: ‘We Fight Now’

Ali Fedotowsky and her husband, Kevin Manno, welcomed their second child in May 2018, and the former Bachelorette admitted that their son’s arrival had an effect on their marriage.

“We fight now,” the reality star, 34, told Us Weekly exclusively on Wednesday, February 20. “And that’s because we’re so run down. We’re so tired. We snap at each other from lack of sleep. The kids know exactly how to press our buttons. There’s Riley, getting happy, spitting up all over his dad.”

She added: “I don’t mind it, honestly. I’m like, ‘Okay. There. We can fight and we can work through it.’ And that’s a good skill to have in a marriage and a couple.”

The couple, who tied the knot in 2017, share 8-month old Riley and 2-year-old Molly. Since their eldest was born, Fedotowsky and Manno, 35, have gone out to dinner for date night “maybe 10 times.”

“That’s just not acceptable,” the blogger Opens a New Window. said. “It should be, like, once a week, from what any person I’ve ever talked to who knows anything about marriage says.”

The two-time mom, who has teamed up with Puffs Tissues to help people face the cold and flu with Puffs Plus Lotion, also revealed that she and her husband don’t engage in PDA as much as they should — especially in front of their little ones.

“The other day, we were hugging and gave each other a kiss in the kitchen,” Fedotowsky said. “Molly was like, ‘Oh, Mommy and Dad.’ She realized that wasn’t something she sees all the time, and that actually kind of upset me. I was like, ‘We need to do this more. I want Molly to see more of this with us.’”

With reporting by Christina Garibaldi

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