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I Love Flying With My 2 Toddlers — No, I'm Not Joking

Flying with kids has (understandably) gotten a bad reputation. Most parents dread the flight and are terrified they’ll be to blame for the screamer everyone strains to ignore for a few very long hours. To those moms and dads in fear of air travel with children, I’d like to offer some solace: I’m here to tell you there are many reasons why flying with little ones is great.

Hear me out! My husband and I braved our first flight as a family of four last Summer from New York to California. My son was 1-month-old and my daughter was 2 — arguably the worst ages, so we should have been put straight into the “I’m not even going to try and vacation” category. As we sauntered through the airport with a stroller packed with our daughter, carry-ons, and my son in a carrier, surprising conveniences popped up at every turn.

Whether you’re traveling a few states over or venturing to Europe, I promise: there is a sunnier side to flying with young children. Here is everything you should keep in mind as you set out on a trip with your kids.

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