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Kaavia James Shows Kids How to Get What They Want for Christmas in a Hilarious New Video

When begging your parents and writing letters to Santa doesn’t work, there’s only one way to ensure you’ll get what you want for Christmas: be so annoying, your parents have no choice but to get it for you (and get you off their back!). Kaavia James, 4, demonstrates this strategy perfectly in a new Instagram video posted to her account by her parents Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade today. It’s so hilarious — and extremely relatable.

“Fastest way to get a trampoline AND put on timeout before Christmas,” the post shared by Kaavia reads. “Small price to pay kids. Eye on the prize. #ShadyBaby.”

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In the video, Kaavia is shamelessly jumping on the couch. No worries that she’ll break the furniture or concerns about what trouble she’ll be in later. She’s simply living her best life on the couch, as if it’s her own personal trampoline. Kaavia dances, twists, attempts a backward somersault, wiggles, and simply vibes on her little corner of the couch. Why do kids always act like the living room furniture is their own personal playground? Parents everywhere can find comfort that it’s not just your kids — even celebrities have to deal with these shenanigans!

“How to make it their idea…” is written over the video, and I’ve never related to something more. The best motivation to get a trampoline is assurance that a) your kid will actually use it and b) you can save your couch cushions. It’s a win-win, even if your kids masterminded the whole thing.

“Get Kaav her trampoline!” one person commented on the funny post. Someone else said, “I so LOVE ❤️ her freedom spirit..”

“Soooooo much PERSONALITY!! Love her! 😍😍😍” another said. “I can definitely see this little queen in movies 🎥.”

“Lol!!! We’re co-signing the trampoline!” someone else wrote. “It would look amazing next to your outdoor playhouse 🤣🤣🤣.”

Others argued that Kaavia should not have to go to timeout. “Kaavia in timeout? No. Where are her lawyer aunties to plead her case? Lol.”

Don’t worry, she’s not actually in trouble. In fact, the Strange World star shared the video on her Instagram Story today revealing that this daddy’s girl is going to get her way.

“@dwyanewade didn’t stand a chance,” Union wrote over the video. “Guess who getting a trampoline 🫠.”

You heard her, kids. If you believe in yourself — and be just the right amount of annoying!  — you, too, can get what you want this holiday season!

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