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Kate Middleton’s Royal Birthing Rules Have Been Released

The Duchess of Cambridge will welcome her third child next month, and she’ll be required to follow a long set of royal traditions in the process.

According to The Sun, the royal family has strict – and in many cases, severely outdated – set of rules a new mother must adhere to. For one, the Queen must be the first person to be told once the baby has arrived, with the news publicly announced on an easel positioned outside Buckingham Palace and also by a town crier for those who can’t read (see again: severely outdated).

Controversially, Prince William and Kate Middleton announced Prince George’s arrival on Twitter, beating the town crier to it.

The Sun also reports that the royal family prefers their new family members to be born within Buckingham Palace. Princess Diana was the first to break this time-old tradition, delivering both her children in the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital in London. Kate Middleton followed suit for the births of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, but plans to have her third baby at home in Kensington Palace, sources say.

According to Vanity Fair, a new nursery is currently being completed at Kensington Palace for the new arrival, the sex of which isn’t known by anyone, Kate and Wils included.

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