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Kids getting bored? Here are 9 DIY craft influencers to follow

Let these pages, videos and ideas help your child and you in this period of lockdown.

While most families across the country are cooped up to stay safe amid the deadly outbreak of COVID-19, children — more than anyone else — are getting increasingly agitated every day. In a state of lockdown, with schools closed, they are looking for interesting ways to keep busy. Parents are not able to devote as much time as they would like, what with their own work deadlines.

As such, it becomes important to come up with innovative ideas to keep kids occupied. And parents need to look no further. We have curated a list of creative Do It Yourself accounts on Facebook and Instagram that can keep your tot engaged for hours, while you complete your professional obligations. Read more.

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Artsy Craftsy Ideas for Moms & Kids

This is a DIY page on Facebook. Here, you will find many creative things under one roof. If you are looking to make homeschooling productive, here is something that will help. From giving your child craft ideas that are edible (yes, you read that right), to helping them make their own games, this page has it all. Also, the DIYs are pretty simple, too.


The Dad Lab is another Facebook page, wherein your child can learn the wonders of art and science. If your kid is being especially cranky, get them to watch a few videos from this channel. Arm them with all the necessary tools and watch magic happen. As the name suggests, on the channel we have a dad who makes interesting DIYs with his kids. If there is an elderly person in the house, they too can engage in these activities with the child.

DIY Crafts for Kids

This one, too, is a Facebook channel. Besides regular videos, which involve a lot of paper, the page also shares videos from its YouTube channel, for longer, more elaborate DIYs. The DIYs are simple and imaginative — just what your child needs to keep busy for hours.

Best Out of Waste

This Facebook page is great for teaching your kid the value of everyday objects. Even when you think a certain item has become obsolete, it can be used to make something super creative. Check out the page and see for yourself.

Fun Crafts Kids

This page is available to kids on Instagram. The page curates many interesting crafts videos for kids and grownups. So, if you are looking for more ideas, you can head over to this page. The DIYs are simple and unique, and once done, you can ask your kid to choose a corner of the house where they can display their craft for everyone to see.

Oh Happy Day



Happy hour for the adults. Hoppy hour for the kids. See more on

A post shared by Oh Happy Day (@ohhappyday) on Mar 24, 2020 at 2:52pm PDT


What is unique about this Instagram page is that it has a feel-good vibe to it. Here, you will find everything from gift to party decor ideas. While the page displays the end result, you can head over to the website for some much-needed party inspiration. So that when you have a special occasion at home, you and your child can brighten everyone’s day by engaging in these DIYs, even in quarantine.

Opposite Offar

For those who are stuck at home and looking for something outside the box to do with their kids, this Instagram page brings engrossing DIYs. Here, you can make your kids design their own masks and costumes, and look like cool characters from their favourite books and films. In fact, it lets them act our their own stories, too!

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Pink Stripey Socks

Here’s something that the whole family can do together, provide, of course, you are done with other chores. This Instagram page’s bio reads: “Mom, dreamer, blogger, author, and kid craft enthusiast”. So, this is essentially your one-stop shop for all the creative DIYs ideas. You can check out the page for yourself and select any DIY that you wish to do with your child.

Kids Art & Craft

On days when you are particularly busy, you can check out this Facebook page for some easy drawing and colouring ideas. It is quite useful for kids who have an artsy taste and a creative inclination.

Let these pages, videos and ideas help you and your child in this period of lockdown.

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