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Kitchen Cabinet Colors You’ll See Everywhere In 2021

Let’s face it, stark white and wooden brown aren’t the move anymore. Our kitchens deserve some spice, pizzazz, and anything else to make it the most unique kitchen on the block. Now you may already know what appliances you want to buy, what lighting would be perfect, and even the finishes. But do you know what cabinet color you should paint your kitchen this year? Last year, everyone went gaga over Dakota Johnson’s deep, emerald green kitchen cabinets in her iconic Architectural Digest Home interview (via YouTube). And last year, Pantone unveiled the 2020 Color of the Year as Classic Blue, which was a bit of a shocker (via Business Insider). And this year, Pantone is one of the few color choosing companies that’s shaking it up for consumers. Get ready to shop for some colors you never considered before, and see your entire kitchen transform itself into a sanctuary.

The color for your kitchen is a vintage green-blue mixture

Minwax, a leading manufacturer of interior wood stains and clears, has chosen the color for your kitchen cabinets. Move aside Classic Blue, and say hello to Vintage Blue. This color is a blue-green mixed hue that instantly gives any space a calming vibe. In a video on their site, Sue Kim, the Minwax color marketing manager talks about how the color embodies so many things. “Capturing the stain color that reflects our evolving style at home is rooted in our desire to set a calmness and resilience as we move through the uncertainty.” Along with the brilliant color, its texture keeps it looking natural and just as calming.

Along with unveiling the brilliant color, Minwax also showed a color palette to bring everyone inspiration. The palette includes White Frost, Amber, Carbonite, Denim Blue, and Classic Gray (via Apartment Therapy). The Minwax website states that anyone can find the color at Lowes, Menards, Ace, True Value, and Sherwin Williams.

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