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Mommy Shamers Came For Chrissy Teigen Yet Again, & Her Response to Their Judgment Was So Classy

Chrissy Teigen has been the target of intense mom shaming for years, and her latest response to the virtual parenting police is nothing but classy.

After sharing a photo of herself walking alongside husband John Legend, who had their infant daughter, Esti, loosely strapped to his front in a baby carrier, one keyboard warrior took to the comments to tag a friend and ask if they could “give [the couple] some advice” on “how to wear the carrier right.”

The comment was unnecessary, and Teigen’s graceful reply to the user has us supportively pointing and shouting “Yes!” like Meryl Streep at the 2015 Oscars. The mom of three wrote, “‘right’ is how she is comfortable. She doesn’t like to be high and tight and likes to look around and see her daddy.” Putting it plainly, she added, “She is safe and happy.”

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Teigen has been outspoken about being the target of ruthless mom shaming ever since she and Legend welcomed their eldest child, Luna, in 2016. During a 2020 interview with TODAY, the cookbook author shared, “Any time I post a picture of [my kids] holding ribs or eating sausage, I get a lot of criticism. Vegans and vegetarians are mad and feel that we are forcing meat upon them at a young age. They freak out.”

She continued, “If they get a glimpse of the car seat, there’s a lot of buckle talk. Maybe for half a second, the strap just slipped down! And TV is another big one,” Teigen added. “We have the TV on a lot in my house. John and I work on television. We love watching television.”

“Oh and the second they see a blue stripe [on a diaper] they’re like, ‘You’ve gotta change this baby!’” the former model went on. “It’s pretty much everything,” she said, adding, “The comments affect me. Of course.”

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“Not only do we have our own personal judgment and vendetta against ourselves, but we also have to read and hear these voices online all the time,” Teigen explained. “Sometimes I want to say something so badly but it’s not worth it to me, and I need my mind to be clear. I’m much better at knowing the timing of when to say things and not to say things. It’s not because I’m scared to get the backlash. It’s that I don’t wanna deal with it,” she concluded.

There are so many more significant issues in the world to advocate for than how John Legend carries around his third child, and we’re tired on behalf of him and Teigen.

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