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Serena Williams' Daughter Olympia Shouted Out Her Mom's Wig, Proving That Kids Do Say the Darndest Things

Kids, man. They will keep you humble. They don’t care if you’re the most confident, self-assured queen — or an Olympic gold medalist tennis champion with 23 Grand Slam titles. They. Will. Bring. You. Down. The iconic Serena Williams herself isn’t immune, and she recently shared a story of her daughter Olympia calling her out in the most embarrassing way. This story had me in tears because it’s so dang relatable.

The retired tennis champion shared the story on Twitter. She was out recently when a “nice lady” paid her a compliment: “I love your hair.” How sweet, right? She responded, “Awww Thanks!” That probably made her feel great and gave her a little confident boost — until her 5-year-old butted in.

“Olympia : It’s a WIG!!!” Williams wrote. Can you imagine? I can because something similar has happened to me while wearing a wig. Kids can be so brutal! Like, ma’am, please, let me enjoy the compliment. We don’t need to get caught on any technicalities!!

Twitter users loved the story. “Kids will humble you every time 🤣,” one person said. Someone else wrote, “It be your own Kids!🫣🫣😂😂”

“I’m telling you these kids just won’t let moms be great! 😂” another person (with obvious experience) wrote. They really need to learn to respect their elders!

Merriam-Webster even came through with tweeting a link to the “definition of time-out,” which is so funny.

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Thankfully, kids can be sweet, too. Williams recently shared a totally adorable mother-daughter bonding moment with Olympia, who she shares with husband Alexis Ohanian, at a cooking class.

“Cooking class anyone? We know how to focus ….” Williams captioned a photo of her and Olympia wearing matching aprons and identical facial expressions.

Williams is currently pregnant with her second baby with Ohanian, which she announced by debuting her baby bump at the Met Gala in May. Since then, she’s opened up about her struggle to feel confident while pregnant.

“Being confident is not always easy. Not even for me!” Williams wrote on Instagram. “Especially taking pics and being pregnant!” And especially when her daughter is going to call her out like that!

The best thing you can do is exactly what Williams did — laugh about it and find other moms to commiserate with. Kids are going to say the most wild, unhinged, truthful things, but we love them anyway!  

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