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Sesame Workshop India’s new edutainment content promises to make lockdown fun for kids

Its new lineup comprises 'Chamki Ke Best Friends' and 'Imagine & Make', on its Hindi YouTube channel.

While the pandemic has been difficult for everyone, it has been particularly challenging for kids, who have barely had a way to keep themselves pleasantly engaged while the elders work from home.

To make it fun for them, Sesame Workshop India has thrown a surprise mix of edutainment content featuring children’s favourite muppet characters — Elmo, Chamki, Cookie Monster and others.

According to a press release, Sesame Workshop India — which is the Indian arm of Sesame Workshop, the non-profit media and educational organisation behind the iconic US television show Sesame Street — has understood the need for fun and sensitive age-appropriate content that can be viewed by everyone in the family.

As such, its new lineup comprises ‘Chamki Ke Best Friends‘ and ‘Imagine & Make‘, on its Hindi YouTube channel. It promises to entertain kids and also reassure parents of the content appropriateness while they navigate through the stressful months.

The press release states that experts in childcare and development at Sesame Workshop India believe the best way for kids and their parents to keep calm is by implementing the three Rs: routine, regulation and reassurance.

So while ‘Chamki Ke Best Friends‘ is targeted to help parents understand why it is important to maintain healthy and flexible routines, the ‘Imagine & Make‘ series presents kids with an opportunity to learn from fun Do-It-Yourself videos, putting their imagination into play and creating beautiful new things from items available at home.

“Caregivers and parents are struggling to find ways to explain to children about the situation, in a way that is simple and easy to comprehend. In order to support families, we have invested in curating a series of videos that will enable them to handle the challenges thrown in by the new normal. While children benefit from the entertaining stories, the new range of content also helps parents find support and strategies to support children socially and emotionally as well as themselves,” Sonali Khan, the managing director of Sesame Workshop India said.

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