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Shawn Johnson’s Kids Are Mini Weightlifters in the Cutest New Video

As a parent, you have to be on guard. Every stray curse word will be repeated, every action imitated. Although sometimes, your kids will surprise you in a good way with what they pick up — and those moments make it all worth it! Shawn Johnson’s kids Drew, 3, and Jett, 1, decided to copy their dad Andrew East in the cutest new video posted to Instagram yesterday, transforming into mini weightlifters. It’s 10 out of 10 on the adorableness scale!

“Like father…” the former Olympian wrote over a video of East lifting weights in their garage gym. “Like son,” she said. Now, a shirtless Jett does his best to pick up a weight bar, too. He either has the muscles of an adult hiding under that adorable toddler body, or someone off-screen gave him a little help with the actual heavy lifting. Either way, he’s smiling and so, so proud of himself!

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Next, Johnson shows East lifting weights again. “Like father…Like daughter,” she wrote, cutting to a shot of Drew lifting what looks like an end table in the hallway that’s the shape of a barbell. Who says girls can’t wear dresses and life weights? Drew is living proof!

“They really do try to do what he does 😭😭😭,” Johnson wrote.

East responded, “Wow I love this.”

Someone joked, “What a subtle way to show your muscles. Nice.” And Johnson responded, “hahahahahahahahaha touché.”

“Drew is already stronger than me,” someone else joked. Another commented, “Looks like two future Olympic weightlifters right there!!!! 😍”

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One person wrote, “I’m gigglin goin ‘someone spot that baby girl!’ And she’s just havin the time of her life😂😍.”

“Just reminds ya, they’re watching!!😉😂” another said, which is so true.

Both dad and mom are setting a good example for their kids in strength and grace. You just know they are going to grow up well-rounded, talented little kids, whether they go to the Olympics or not!

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