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Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Wows Fans With Skin-Tight Dress As She Hints Baby Number Two is Coming Soon

Leave it to supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to look like a goddess in her third trimester!

On Jan 23, Huntington-Whiteley posted a series of mirror selfies with the simple caption of an hourglass emoji and a baby angel emoji. But these mirror selfies are making everyone’s jaws drop for multiple reasons. For one thing, she looks like a “goddess” ― as nearly every comment says ― in her figure-hugging nude dress and the second reason is that it’s clear baby number two is nearly here!

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We don’t know whether it marvel at the pregnant glow, growing bump, or how amazing she looks in that skin-tight dress.

Huntington-Whiteley has been with actor Jason Statham since 2010 and has been engaged since early 2016. They share one child together, a son named Jack Oscar Statham, 4. They announced in Aug 2021 that they were expecting baby number two through a series of progression mirror selfies onto her Instagram. She posted it with the cheeky caption, “Taaa daah #round2” ― and that’s when her fans lost it with excitement.

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For ET Canada per MSN, Huntington-Whiteley said motherhood truly changed her identity. “After I had my first son, there was a real shift in identity… If you’re someone that, like me, attached a lot of identity to my physicality and the way that I felt and looked, it really took me a long time to come around, but I think once I stepped into the role, embraced it, everything sort of relaxed a little bit.”

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