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These Are By Far the Best Subscription Boxes for Moms

Moms deserve the world. Or at least to go to the bathroom in peace. But since the likeihood of that happening is slim to none, then at the very least you deserve a box of thoughtfully curated surprises to appear in your mailbox once a month, amiright? Nobody, especially not moms, have the time or energy to sift through the ridiculous amount of subscription boxes out there, so we’ve done all the leg work for you and found the best subscription boxes for moms; whether you’re newly pregnant, your kid is graduating preschool, or graduating college.

These monthly boxes will make your life a little bit less chaotic, and help you be the best mom you can be. Plus, I’m sure your mailman will appreciate your sudden interest in his delivery schedule, because isn’t getting something in the mail besides junk mail and bills kind of like Christmas? But every month? We thought you’d agree. 

A version of this article was originally published in March 2016.

The New Mama Box

The New Mama Box from Elisabeth Ashlie gives you one “Mama Mug,” a lavender musk candle, a trio of elastic hair ties, an initial necklace and a card. Not only is this box full of functional items to keep all you new moms caffeinated and keeping the house smelling great, but it’s also full of keepsake items, like that initial necklace for her newest addition to the family.

The New Mom box, $45 at Elisabeth Ashlie

Bombay and Cedar

Bombay and Cedar is a curated, cruelty-free & vegan subscription box featuring aromatherapy, beauty, wellness & lifestyle products. You can choose between a mini box, featuring 5 to 7 full and deluxe sized items every month, or a premium box, featuring 8 to 10 full and deluxe sized items. There’s a different theme each month (this month’s is agility) and each box contains an essential oil or two, so you can build your wellness arsenal (God knows with school starting, you’re going to need all the help you can get.)

Mini box, $29.95 a month at Bombay and Cedar

Premium box, $49.95 a month at Bombay and Cedar 


OliveBox is chock-full of paper and lifestyle products. There are four different membership options to choose from: fall (August through October), winter (November through January), spring (February through April) and summer (May through July). Each membership comes with five different styles (Go Bananas!, For the Love of Citrus, Yours Exclusively, You are Loved and the Mother's Day Box). Or you can opt to be surprised each month.

Computers are great, but sending a hand-written card in this day and age really lets the recipient know you care, and having cards delivered right to you with OliveBox makes it a little bit easier to follow through on your good intentions and actually send the card.

Who it’s perfect for: Moms who miss having time to wander around the card section of the bookstore, moms with a fondness for paper goods or keeping journals.

Paper and lifestyle products subscription box, $50 quarterly or $200 annually at OliveBox

Hygge Box

As moms, the 5 seconds of peace and quiet you get between school pick ups and ballet drop offs needs to be epically peaceful and serene. And what better way to do that then learn from the Danish and add a little hygge into your chaotic life? The Hygge Box’s tagline is simply ‘Cozy. Delivered.’ and if that doesn’t already have you sold, each monthly box comes full of handpicked goods from around the world to make the most of your very limited down time. Each box contains an ‘element of light’ like a candle, the ingredients for a hot drink, indulgences like chocolate, and several home decor, beauty or bath, and self care items. Choose between the standard and deluxe boxes, at a really affordable cost. Sign me up!

Standard box, $25 a month at Hyggebox

Deluxe Box, $36.50 a month at Hyggebox

Mommy Mailbox

Mommy Mailbox is a monthly box of trendy goodies for moms. Each box is curated by a different guest blogger, giving you tips on the hottest blogs of the moment as well as some awesome new things. Items are a mix of fashion, gourmet food, fitness, art, home decor and beauty.

SheKnows checked out a sample of one of the company's boxes. Survey says: Everything in the box was something you’d absolutely want for yourself. Imagine if your most stylish friend who knows you well filled a box of gifts for you — that's what opening Mommy Mailbox feels like. And if that weren’t great enough, the monthly subscription fee is way lower than the retail value of the box items (we checked!).

Who it's perfect for: Any mom who loves to know what's trendy and cool, moms who love discovering new blogs, anyone who wants to give a gift a young mom would love.

Trendy products six-month subscription box, $33.95 – $203.70 per month at Mommy Mailbox

The Sill

Who doesn’t love plants? But if you have, say a black thumb, or your apartment looks like a plant graveyard because you are simply too gosh darn busy to water the dang things until it’s too late- then we have the subscription for you. Moms are busy. Crazy busy. And while plants are great, the time and attention needed to keep them alive is, well, not always available. Enter The Sill, a monthly subscription that sends you an easy to care for plant in a ceramic pot each month. You get a different variety of plant each month, and bonus- they have collections to choose from like pet friendly plants, easy to care for plants, low light plants, and more. 

Monthly plant subscription, $35 a month at The Sill

Ritual Vitamins

Who has time to remember to actually take a multi vitamin every day? You try getting a toddler dressed while feeding your baby and trying to convince the three year old that yes, you want them to put on their shoes themselves but you were supposed to leave the house 20 minutes ago so just jam them in there. Just saying. Adding a daily vitamin in there is as likely as drinking 8 glasses of water a day. But with Ritual vitamins, specifically designed to fill the gaps in women’s nutrition, it’s infinitely easier. They send you a new bottle once a month, and have prenatals as well as multivitamins, and did I mention they’re minty? None of that fish oil aftertaste, or choking down a pill that’s gross, these puppies have a no nausea capsule design, are GMO free and vegan certified. 

Multivitamins, $30 a month at Ritual

Earth Love Box

Earth Love is an eco-friendly lifestyle box to make living sustainably and healing the planet easier. Because while we all want to be greener, sometimes having help delivered directly to your door makes it seem a little more doable. Each box comes with 6-8 full sized eco concious items, a book, a themed guide with tips and ideas each season to get closer to nature, and
support for our featured seasonal non-profit partner. Choose from an annual subscription for $54.95 per quarter, or a quarterly subscription for $59.95 per quarter.

Earth love box, $54.95 per quarter at Earth love

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