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This Celeb Kid Birthday Party Was Epic

Turning 5 is a big deal. For children, it is the first major milestone birthday — at least the first that you’ll remember — and for parents, it is the first birthday that really makes you ask, “Where did the time go?” because you have a child now. A school-age child — not an infant, baby, toddler or tyke. So it’s no wonder parents go all out to make this particular celebration a good one. But Jimmy Fallon and wife Nancy Juvonen didn’t just make daughter Winnie Fallon’s day special; they made it magical, fantastical and extravagant.

Winnie’s party was epic, guys.

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According to E! News, the couple "really went for it,” offering a face painter, a band and a petting zoo. (Say what?) However, Winnie’s favorite part of the party was the pool, which Fallon begrudgingly admits is “there every day.”

Fallon noted that when he was a kid, he never had a party like Winnie’s. "I never had a birthday party like this. I would have like, three friends, and we’d go to McDonald’s and that was it. That was a big party for me, man.” And boy, can I relate. I mean, who didn’t have a McDonald’s party at some point? Especially if you were born in the ’70s or ’80s. And while the petting zoo and face painter sound pretty awesome, Ronald McDonald was pretty OK too. (At least he was back in the day.)

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So, what’s next for the Fallon family? Planning daughter Frances Cole Fallon’s fourth birthday, of course! Little Frances will turn 4 on Dec. 3. And we expect there will be a pony.

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