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This Family’s Baby Tooth Tradition Involves Wooden Beavers & It’s … a Lot

Every family has their own unique traditions, especially when it comes to magical creatures — Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy. Although, the last one is pretty basic for most: kid gets wiggly tooth, it falls out, the Tooth Fairy sneaks in at night and slips money under the kid’s people in exchange for the tooth. It’s a time-honored ritual. However, one family doesn’t want to let the baby teeth go. Instead of giving them to the tooth fairy, they display them…in a wooden beaver.

Wait, what? It sounds shocking but it’s true, and it’s adorably cute. And also a little strange, sure, and definitely unique — but all families have their quirks. We know about this tradition all thanks to a now-viral TikTok, and it is amazing.

We’ve been married 12 years and I will never truly recover from this discovery. #fyp #husband #husbandwife #gahdamn #wtf

“We’ve been married 12 years and I will never truly recover from this discovery. #fyp #husband #husbandwife #gahdamn #wtf,” a TikToker named Claire Linkhart who goes by @clairebear4000 captioned a video posted earlier this week.

The video in question starts with an old baby picture of her husband Rob looking adorable in a white sweater with blue pants and a cute, toothy grin. She wrote over the throwback photo, “My husband’s grandma put his baby teeth into wooden beavers for eternal preservation 💀.”

Next, she shows the beavers, and it’s everything you were picturing and more. Sitting on a table is a carved wooden beaver sitting on a pile of wood. Lo and behold, this beaver has the same teeth as her husband’s old baby pictures. Claire zooms in on the beaver, and you can see the top two teeth in his mouth. I can’t decide if it’s the creepiest or cutest thing ever. (Both, maybe?)

In the last photo, there are two beavers. The second one has a whole row of baby teeth on the bottom, which Claire says, “His brother’s bottom set absolutely kill me.”

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The Ohio native shared more details about this video, which has snow been seen by 7.3 million people, in an interview with TODAY Parents yesterday.

“I was completely speechless,” Linkhart told the outlet about discovering the beavers with baby teeth nestled among her husband’s childhood memorabilia, like high school sports trophies. “How could such a treasure be hidden from our relationship?”

“My husband’s late grandmother had them made at a craft fair,” Linkhart continued. (She also made a TikTok about this, too.) “I never had the pleasure of meeting her but I know she was a really special lady.” She is also genius! This could totally be an Etsy shop idea.

Did I do this right? 🦫🦫🦫🦫🦫🦫 #beaverteeth #fyp #wtf #funny #teeth #husband

Now that they’ve been found, they are on full display. “My husband’s lives in our dining room display cabinet, and his brother’s lives in their living room bookshelf display,” she told TODAY Parents. “They make for great party conversation starters.”

The video certainly sparked conversation on TikTok, with several thousand people commenting.

“I need a brother close up 😂 wtf am I looking at,” one person wrote.

“I love this god bless grandma,” another said.

Someone else wrote, “I would fight for these at an estate sale.” Another wrote, “The way that I would save only these if my house was on fire.”

“Omg I’m a dentist. Don’t give me ideas,” someone else said, and hey, that could be a new tradition! Get your teeth pulled, put them in a wooden beaver.

The beaver baby teeth did bring up an awkward discussion with the couple’s two daughters, ages 8 and 5. “The older one has already asked how the beaver got daddy’s teeth from the tooth fairy,” she told TODAY Parents.

Linkhart could tell her that it wasn’t the Tooth Fairy’s fault — she only takes teeth that are safely tucked away under pillows. Or even better, explain that maybe one day the Tooth Fairy will give her teeth back so she can put it in her own wooden beaver!

Carry on the family tradition, please! Your grandma would be so proud.

To most, she was Queen Elizabeth II — but to some, she was simply “Granny”.

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