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Tracy Anderson Has Just Given Us Another Way to Do Her Workouts

Tracy Anderson Opens a New Window. is coming to a home near you in yet another format — maybe even your home, if you have the interactive fitness device the Mirror.

As of Thursday, April 25, the celebrity trainer teamed up with the makers of the techy home exercise tool to start streaming original Tracy Anderson Method workouts that she teaches herself. You read that right — you now have another way to be in a virtual class with the guru who has helped everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow Opens a New Window. to Jennifer Lopez Opens a New Window. to Nicole Richie Opens a New Window. get their perfectly toned and lean Hollywood bodies.

For the uninitiated, Mirror Opens a New Window. provides on-demand, at-home, immersive workouts and looks like — you guessed it — a normal reflective surface that hangs on your wall when it’s turned off. Since it was released in 2018, plenty of celebrities have flocked to it, including Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon Opens a New Window. and Ellen Degeneres Opens a New Window. . Alicia Keys Opens a New Window. even posted a video of her losing her mind over her device when she received it as a Christmas gift.

Anderson — who launched a holistic wellness program Opens a New Window. recently — considers it a way for anyone to get access to her programs (anyone who has $1,495 to drop on the device, plus $39 a month for a subscription, that is). “I’m thrilled to be partnering with Mirror to bring a selection of my Muscular Structure and Dance Cardio classes into the homes of Mirror users through their interactive platform,” the 44-year-old pro said in a statement released by the brand. “As I know from my own streaming services, the beauty of working out in-home is that it allows people to achieve their fitness goals on their time. These classes are designed for everybody, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we’ve loved working on them.” (And, as Paltrow’s bestie, she will, of course, be wearing Goop’s G. Sport athletic line.)

In February, Us Weekly caught up with Mirror’s VP of fitness, Kailee Combs, who said that the company’s programs are effective because they’re personalized. “During your workout the Mirror will offer you real-time optimizations based on your goals, preferences and biometric data, such as heart rate and injuries,” she noted. “Also, during a live class, the instructor can see your profile and data from your heart rate monitor, so you may get a personalized shout-out.”

Of course, as with any fitness regimen, it’s not magic unless you do it. “Consistency is the key to reaching any fitness goal,” noted Combs, adding that they stream 15-minute workouts for the particularly busy user. But “part of the benefit of working out at home is that you can squeeze in a workout without having to lose time traveling to a gym. A short, but consistent workout routine leads to long-term success.”

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