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Twitter Is Freaked Out About Cardi B's Nails Shredding Baby Kulture

Get yourself together and settle down about Cardi B’s nails, OK? 

In this week’s absurd mom-shaming news, the internet is apparently terrified that Cardi may endanger her new daughter, Kulture, with her over-the-top manicures. Cardi B’s nail artist, Jenny Bui, wants you to know that her star client plans to keep her crystal-studded 2-inch talons, thank you very much, and it’s all good.

"Nothing is changing. She should be here in the next two or three weeks," Bui told Refinery29. Bui has been doing Cardi B’s nails for more than five years — and she’s not worried about the diaper changes. "[Cardi’s] had those nails for so long, she’ll know how to manage," the nail artist said.

Cardi did express some prepartum jitters about her human claws on Instagram. "I wonder how I’m going to manage after my baby comes," Cardi posted before the arrival of little Kulture, with a nod to Puerto Rican singer — and fingernail goddess — Ivy Queen. 

But when Twitter worries, well, it worries hard and won’t let go.

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Yep. We are here writing about people who can’t stop thinking about hazmat situations like baby poo in star manicures. But we’re just not feeling the same panic that Twitter is. Cardi B — who’s given name is the very Hogwarts Belcalis Almanzar — welcomed baby Kulture Kiari Cephus with her husband, Offset (whose real name is Kiari Cephus) in July, and no stab wounds have been reported yet. This is Cardi B’s first baby and Offset’s fourth. Hey, maybe he’s doing all the diaper changes anyway.

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