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10 Sexy Yoga Videos That Might Actually Turn You On

A clear mind and a hot bod are two things you can get from yoga, but we’re adding another perk to that list: a lady boner.

Videos of couples doing acro yoga together have been flooding our feeds, and we’re all about it. They’re entertaining, they’re impressive, and well, they’re sexy as hell. They’re like athletic, graceful foreplay!

For your, um, viewing pleasure, we rounded up some of the hottest grams we could find. Prepare to be amazed and possibly turned on.

The way she glides and flips down between his legs toward the end—so graceful. Maybe keep it on mute, though. Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me” in the background isn’t the most romantic, despite the sweet caption that goes with it.

Her flexibility, his strength. We can’t. It’s a match made in sexy yogi heaven.

This couple keeps it intimate by incorporating a few kisses into their routine. Dawww.

#Beach + #Acro = ? Doing crow on @ag_moves' hands. #crowpose #bakasana

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You thought crow pose was hard in class? Try it on another person’s arms—on a windy beach. We can’t get enough of this.

This couple makes extremely challenging moves look like a walk in the park. And we’re not being cliché here—they’re in Central Park.

This move is called the washing machine. You’ll see why. Enjoy.

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This one is literally from the Instagram account @sexloveyoga. And it’s definitely bringing the sex appeal.  #BonerAlert

On the beach at sunset? This is definitely hotter than actual sex on the beach.

Check out this timing. As she lets go of his feet, he has to grab her waist to keep her in the air. Trust exercise for couples? We imagine their sex life is equally impressive.

What do you get when two professional dancers create an acro yoga routine? This steamy video. 

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