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5 Ways to Give Your Partner a Massage They’ll Never Forget

Engaging in fun, intimate foreplay is an awesome way to transition to great sex. One way to do that is to master the art of the massage, which requires you to brush up on your skills in touch and technique. It’s all about both of you getting aroused and ready for the main event.

By mixing massage techniques into your sex life, you’ll be keeping things fresh and exciting for your partner. Here are 5 great massage techniques that will almost certainly lead to amazing sex.

1) Set the mood.

Have your partner disrobe and lie face-down on a towel or firm bed. Dim the lights (or if you don’t have a dimmer, leave some table lamps on in the dark) and play some relaxing music at low volume. Squeeze some oil into your palms and rub them together to warm it up.

2) Slow and steady wins the race.

It’s best to pace yourself and go slow with your hand movements. “Use the heel of your hand to make continuous fluid movements and work the whole length of the muscle,” says Susan Findlay, director of the North London School of Sports Massage. Make sure you’re taking your time and focusing on the muscle so your partner can get the full sensual experience.

3) Location, location.

Start by massaging the length of your partner’s legs, from the upper thighs down to the ankles. Next, focus on the feet. Then zero in on the toes and stretch them individually. Try to feel for knots the body, so you can relieve those pressure points and get your partner entirely relaxed. Spend about 2-3 minutes on each area.

4) Keep it going.

Next, go to the neck and top of the shoulders. Gently pinch (between your thumb and fingers), squeeze, and knead your partner’s skin. If they wince, lighten up; your partner should be completely relaxed. Work your way down to your partner’s lower back, making smooth circular, clockwise motions, using the same massage techniques as on their arms but adding the heels of your hands for larger areas on each side of their spine.

5) Finish strong.

End by using the palms of your hands to work on your partner’s lower back. The pressure points will be relieved ,and the muscles and body fully relaxed. The whole process should take about 45 minutes, which will build up sexual tension; by the time you get to the main event, your partner should be warmed up and rarin’ to go.

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