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A couple of days of feasting the body can tolerate

Christmas goose with dumplings, cookies, mulled wine and other Treats: During the holidays, food and drink, most of the people more than usual. That only happens over a short period of time, a new study found that perfectly in order: In the service of science of the young men have eaten four weeks of daily 1000 calories more than necessary. In contrast to the permanent feast, the after five days the measured effects were small.

Chocolate, potato chips and other Snacks, took a healthy, slim young men, in order not to exceed your daily energy requirements by about 1000 calories. Investigations after five days, showed that the body adapts in the short term: Although the amount of belly fat that surrounds the internal organs, had increased significantly overall, there was no increase in body fat mass or body weight. Also, the fasting blood glucose and insulin were not increased, although the body increase its own glucose production during this short-term study.

After 28 days, the picture looked, however, quite different: The body fat mass as well as the blood sugar value and insulin secretion after meals increased. The abdominal fat was increased within the first few days and then hardly changed. The fasting blood sugar levels, the body’s own glucose production and rate of glucose disposal did not changed. The authors of the study explain that it is a rich a energy, but a balanced diet of 55 percent carbohydrates, 35 percent fat and 15 percent Protein was. A long-term fat-rich diet could have an impact more on blood sugar control.