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A Lifelong Goth Transformed Into an ‘Instagram Model’ to See Her Boyfriend’s Reaction

Aryn, who goes as Vampryn, has over 50,000 followers on Instagram—but her look differs from the mainstream, influencer-esque beauty standards that are so ubiquitous on that platform. “I would define my style as a mix between ’80s and ’90s Goth,” she says. “Being normal is just boring, there’s no point. Why live a life to be boring? I’ve never really thought about putting on clothes to make me blend in with society.”

She explains that her aesthetic (which takes up to two and a half hours to complete each morning) is inspired and influenced by the horror genre, and a typical look might involve an extra touch of something like fake blood, as well as colored contact lenses.

In a recent episode of Truly‘s “Transformed” webseries, Aryn decides to undergo a complete transformation, taking on the hair, makeup and fashion of a typical “Instagram model” for the day.

“I think it’ll be really interesting to see myself in a completely opposite look to my own,” she says. “I’ve never done it before, it’s so beyond my comfort zone. I feel like I’m going to look like somebody else, and when I look at myself I’ll be like ‘Who is that?'”

She’s assisted by makeup artist Melanie Viger, who specializes in creating a glamorous, Insta-ready aesthetic for her clients. She begins by applying a base layer which will cover up Aryn’s chest tattoo and make her pale skin look more tanned, then adding a lot of contouring, fake lashes, and tying down her dreadlocks and covering them with a straight ombre blonde wig. “If I like it, I’m going to have an existential crisis,” says Aryn.

The transformation is then completed by an outfit change, with Aryn switching her traditional spooky attire for a sparkly pink dress and nude heels.

Her first words upon seeing herself in the mirror? “Oh my god… Ew.” One of the biggest sticking points for her, she says, is that she isn’t used to having eyebrows, and the brows that Melanie drew on change the look of her entire face. “I look weird,” she adds.

Once she has adjusted to her new appearance, she invites her boyfriend Connor and sister Aimee in to see their reactions. “It’s just astonishing,” says Connor. “The transformation, oh my god!” Aimee goes even further, saying she wouldn’t even recognize her if she were to pass her on the street.

And while Aryn is by no means a fan of her new look, and can’t wait to get back to her preferred dark-and-dramatic style, she admits the experience has made her more open to trying new things.

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