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Anti-social freeloaders: is Now the doctor, who threw a Impfgegnerin from the practice

Since he has thrown a Impfgegnerin from the practice, is interested in the whole of Germany for a General practitioner from the East Frisian city of Leer. He is happy about the attention for his concern: a General vaccination. Here he sees the Minister of health Spahn.

Christoph Seeber has to convince a GP practice in the East Frisian small town is Empty and he has a Mission: people of the importance of vaccinations. Impfverweigerer he occupies quite drastic words such as “anti-social free rider” or “Freeloader”, which can get your health on costs that are vaccinated. And he no longer wants to see you in the future as a patient in his practice.

To “the drastic formulations I, too,” he said in an interview with FOCUS Online. News about measles epidemics in Madagascar, the rapid rise in sick pay in the Ukraine and measles outbreaks in German schools, to make him angry. And if the WHO opponents as a threat to the world’s health, he’s posting on his Facebook page. Out Of Conviction.

Facebook-Post media called on the Plan

As he mentioned there the other day, that he would not treat strict opponents as a patient he has cared for since she was a child, in his practice, suggested that the first local media interest.

To properly ride the thing, as the “Weser Kurier” the eviction of a mother with a child from Seebers practice apprehension for a piece about Impfverteidiger and opponents. Seeber explained the thing in FOCUS Online: “The woman came with the two-year-old child directly from the child’s doctor, where the highly contagious whooping cough was diagnosed. From me you only wanted an antibiotic for yourself, in order for you to get sick. I got it prescribed to her and then asked to never come back.“

With Impfverweigerern he no longer wants to discuss

He could and no longer wanted to discuss with Impfverweigerern. “You are not my arguments, just as little accessible as people who believe the earth is flat.” For example, the claim that vaccinations to autism, the debt is not get to be dead. The underlying study was long ago debunked as a fake and the statement is disproved.

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Especially Christoph Seeber angry, if Impfbefürworter how he would be referred to by opponents as a “lackey of the pharmaceutical industry”. “I’m not picking up any pharmaceutical-speakers, I don’t take gifts, I’m not training to sponsored. I’m definitely with the pharmaceutical industry under a blanket.“

He can force his patients in the absence of vaccination, but he will speak to the theme of each U-investigation, at every Check-up, and in the case of any violation. “In the meantime, has my attitude already. Hardcore opponents don’t come any more in my practice.“

Consent from patients and colleagues

Of his patients, Dr. Seeber has received much praise for his action, he says. And also physician-colleagues from all over Germany were mostly sent positive E-Mails. “There’s criticism of my formulations of the ‘parasites’ have been practiced.” But he can see the selfishness of Impfverweigerern, the benefit from the fact that all of the other vaccination.

For him, the Dilemma could only be through the re-introduction of vaccination solved. “I see our Minister of health Spahn in the duty.”

A Polio case has convinced him completely of vaccinations

Seeber told in the conversation of the experience that has made him a supporter of compulsory vaccination: “I had remained in 1992 as an assistant physician in Erlangen, as a man is hindered severely, after he had contracted in Egypt on holiday with the Polio virus. All because he was not vaccinated.“

If he is ruled out because of the determination, a certain group of patients of the treatment, in Trouble with the kassenärztliche Vereinigung gets, he does not know yet. “So far, no one has reported.” He is also on the safe side: “A physician must continue treatment in the absence of a relationship of trust. And this lack of trust between all who reject vaccinations categorically and me.“