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Bloat: What’s behind it and how it disappears again

It’s rumbling, the belly tightens, and quite possibly it hurts: There has collected air. Everyone knows the feeling, to have flatulence. Not only are they uncomfortable, because they produce a feeling of fullness. Fart is frowned upon: no one is in the office on the Desk and makes the bloating. Instead of trying to take care of it discreetly in the bathroom.

Gas and bloating are not uncommon. Every person makes several times a day, air from the intestine, with an average of 14 Times a day. “There are, however, large individual differences,” says Professor Dr. Thomas Frieling. He is an Internist, gastroenterologist and Director of Medical clinic II at the Helios Klinikum Krefeld. “That depends, among other things, from nutrition and digestion.”

Very strong bloating can have various causes

A flatulent foods are often responsible for excessive intestinal gas. “In this case, the complaints are mostly of a temporary nature,” says Frieling. For example, in the case of beans, the case. “The amount of gas increases after the consumption of beans of 15 milliliters per hour to about 170 milliliters.”

If someone suffers, however, under strong flatulence, there can be a variety of causes. One of them is Stress in combination with nervously eat, you swallow a lot of air. Also anyone who tries to eat well, are not rarely suffers from a large number of gases in the intestine. “Anyone who takes a lot of fiber, which tends, on average, more likely to be bloating,” says the expert.

Dietary fiber can cause increased gas formation

Add to this that not every person food can tolerate well, which is rich in fiber. They are included in, for example, whole grain products, and can make use of especially problems, if you change the diet rapidly on a lot of fiber. “There are ballast substances, are better tolerated,” says Frieling. Flaxseed, for example, Flosamen exchange, the swelling is significantly less.

Also, the way you eat, can cause air in the stomach. “Large meals can promote gas and bloating,” says Frieling. In addition, it helps against bloating, eating too late in the evening. Raw food in the evening can’t take many more people as well and these should be better then the lunch. In addition, it helps to take enough time for the meal: “Whoever eats very hastily, swallows sometimes”, says the expert. It also causes bloating.

Other symptoms of the bloating, you should go to the doctor

When the increased air in the stomach has a disease value, can not say exactly. Ultimately, it comes down to the personal level of suffering. “Many people live well with their bloating and do not go to see a doctor,” says Frieling. “These swellings are also not seen as pathological.”

Flatulence is not must, however, be always harmless: If they occur together with blood in the stool, or other stool changes, and they are very suddenly, and perhaps even a weight-loss or low-grade fever added to this, you should definitely go to the doctor. “These are alarm signals,” says Frieling. You can also indicate a malignant disease. That’s why you should leave such symptoms always medical advice.

Intolerances are often difficult to diagnose

Much more likely to food are intolerances as the cause for persistent flatulence. Very often food intolerances are to lactose and fructose. “A doctor can determine such intolerance using a breath test,” says Frieling. Also, the exchange of sugar, sorbitol is not rare problems in digestion.

However, there are also intolerances to various other substances in foods can also cause bloating or a feeling of fullness. “This is something that, unfortunately, is not to diagnose, often simply,” says the expert. Out patients a intolerance can come by keeping a food diary. They keep for about a month meticulously, what you have eaten and whether you have suffered then bloating or other discomfort.

Some of the house gas and bloating can alleviate medium

Some people with severe flatulence, or other discomfort, it also helps in Easy and complex sugars as well as alcohols, which are found in many foods. Such a diet to be running under the heading of Fodmap, because with these letters the terms are for the fermented sugars and alcohols are abbreviated. “In many sufferers, the symptoms can be improved significantly,” says Frieling. The clear disadvantage, however, is that the so-called Fodmaps are included in almost all foods. The diet longer, threaten deficiency symptoms. “It is important, therefore, to make such a thing never alone, but the diet for a limited time and under medical supervision,” says the expert.

Who wants to do something about his flatulence, you should take enough time to eat and observe whether the air in the belly develops, especially if you have eaten certain foods. As a home remedy fennel or caraway seeds is said to have often a positive effect against flatulence.

Some drugs act on the bowel

It is speculated in addition to whether a possible further cause for the increased air in the stomach can be due to a disturbed Microbiome. In this case, the Interaction of the microorganisms in the gut is not working well, because, for example, their shares are unfavorable. Some people try, against your flatulence to address this by taking probiotics. According to Frieling, the influence of probiotics specifically on flatulence is not researched but, as yet, sufficiently.

As a further cause for bloating chronic constipation also comes into question, against which, for example, increased physical activity, the intake of Flosamen and plenty of fluid can help. In addition, drugs can increase air in the stomach. “This applies, for example, also used for medicines that reduce blood pressure,” explains the expert. Such medications you should settle, however, is never easy. It is better to speak with his doctor and in consultation with him on another means of transport.

Even with a very strong flatulence, however, is not always to find a cause. In such cases, an appeal is often the intestine, or an irritable stomach diagnosed. “This topic is being researched intensively,” says Frieling. Specific biomarkers that play a role, which allows for a variety of sub-groups of irritable bowel or an irritable stomach. Frieling says: “We believe that in the future, an irritable stomach or irritable can bowel are clearly treated better than in the past.” Information on this and other gastro-intestinal complaints get Affected also to the Association of Gastro-League.

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