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Heiko Maas: No end to the worldwide travel warning in perspective

You can see in the Video: Heiko Maas – No end to the worldwide travel warning in perspective.

O-Ton Heiko Maas (SPD), Federal Minister of foreign Affairs: “in Principle, that the reasons for the travel warnings are still in place. The international air traffic is broken down. In many countries there is entry barrier. That is, there is hardly any possibility to move anywhere. But even if that is possible, are the risks, not come back, just as big as before-two, three weeks has been the case. And so the journey continues to apply warning. At present, it is not possible to predict when the international air traffic back to normal, and when the restrictive measures in individual countries be stopped. And as long as this does not change, there is no reason for the travel warning to take back. We will now track every week, and first of all, for the beginning of may with this topic. I can only appeal to all citizens to take non-essential trips abroad distance. You have to expect not to come back to Germany.”