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In Germany so far, no serious damage caused by E-cigarettes

In the United States have been many cases in the past of serious and even fatal lung damage caused by E-cigarettes occurred. The Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) has asked the poison information centres: In Germany it came so far in the majority to poisoning by ingestion, especially in infants.

In Germany were reported, according to the request in the case of the poison control centres so far, 851 cases, hanging with the VAPE together. Only eight percent of them were caused by Inhalation, or Inhalation of, 82 per cent, however, by ingestion. Nicotine is swallowed in small doses, is poisonous and can have life-threatening consequences. In many cases, young children had swallowed the liquids and, therefore, the BfR recommends that Liquids for E-cigarettes always retain in appropriate containers with child-resistant closure store.

Ingestion of Liquids can gefädangerous be

167 cases of poisoning have been analyzed in detail. The Inhalation of the vapor, there were more than 90 percent of cases, no or only mild symptoms. Of the seven medium-severe cases were caused by ingestion, in only one case, there was multiple vomiting after Inhalation. Two severe cases with severe disorders of consciousness had occurred after ingestion.

From the USA, it was reported that in the past months, that it is the result of electronic cigarettes to serious lung damage: Up to 20. November, there were 47 deaths were due to Vaping. American health authorities have suggested that this could be caused by Vitamin E-acetate, an oily liquid, which is contained in some e-Liquids ( reported).


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