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School closures due to Coronavirus: these are the consequences of a virologist Christian Drosten warns

The Saarland is headed, Bavaria, Berlin and lower Saxony have now tightened: Because of the spread of Coronavirus, more and more provinces choose to close schools and nurseries. Other States are likely to follow suit. German Chancellor Angela Merkel had called in the evening, people should, if possible, social contacts without. An Option for the temporary closure of kindergartens and schools, for example, by bringing forward of the Easter holiday was.

“Island solutions ban”

That each state in the case of the daycare and school closures, your own solution through setting, keeping, Heinz-Peter Meidinger, Chairman of the German teachers ‘ Association, however, fatal. “In such an important question as island solutions are not allowed,” he told the Bayerischer Rundfunk. “If it is true that we all live in a country and in a world, then it may be that here the schools are closed and a kilometre further on is not.” School a “huge challenge” for parents and students, were closing in General, he added.

Disease in children

Children’s doctor, day care center and quarantine: you need to know parents in the Coronavirus

Similarly, it also looks Christian Drosten, Director of the Institute for Virology at the Charité hospital in Berlin. The measure is effective, he explains in his latest Podcast, especially when combined with General event stops. Due to school closures, a variety of effects that play against each other, however, arise: “We all want the infection wave flattens, and in the length pulls. We do not want to harm but the work force in the country. This is the compromise.”

Kita closures bergen big risk

By hastily decided on daycare and school closures also create new risks: “Many parents are affected and can not go to work. Just in the most important areas of medicine – in the intensive care unit, children’s medicine, in the Department of neonatology in the clinic area – we have a significant surplus of women. And these are often young women. The mothers often have no choice. If the kita is eliminated care who can not go to work. We have put a great consequence of damage, if we were just so close from today to tomorrow day care centers – without any additional terms or without any further action.” Therefore, one should not conclude from today to tomorrow without further measures, day-care centres, is Drosten is convinced.

Drosten holds the measures, a distinction between schools and kindergartens appropriate. “For older vintages after elementary school, parents get organized may be better that you don’t have to stay at home. In Kindergarten and elementary schools, this is not so easy, because a closure prefer to book.”

“Better stay home”

Drosten also has a proposal for a solution to this Dilemma of Europe: “I could not imagine, that includes day-care centres, but which is just a personal gain there. We are talking about a time from now until Easter holiday.” Because all is clear that you must act now. Closing the facilities up to and including the Easter holidays, was won, in his view, much. “In this time, one might consider whether one tries, in this intensive care area where the care must be, because otherwise many areas of working life, especially in medicine, to break together, if it does help, and then but for the slowing of the spread says: The schools have closed are from a certain Vintage.”

In his Podcast, “The Coronavirus-Update” repeated he, too, Merkel’s claim that social contact reduce as far as possible. “In the current Situation, I say clearly: better stay at home. Meet in a small circle and looks at you for a series. Not in Clubs, not on parties. No close contact with many, many people. It is of course also a thing where everyone in his private life, it is necessary to think.

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