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Six tips for healthy eyes

Only in the distance catch a glimpse of whether the train is approaching, then in the small print on the ticket where seat reservation is: Our eyes do on a daily basis Large. You do not work properly, help glasses or contact lenses. But beyond the visual AIDS options to promote the eyes exist.

1. To obtain sufficient light when reading, pay attention

“You’ll ruin your eyes.” Anyone who reads in dim light, heard this saying, probably many times. Although scientific evidence that this is true is missing. Nevertheless, it is better to read in sufficient light. Otherwise, the eyes become tired faster and the read is exhausting. “The consequences of this can be a headache and reddened eyes,” says Ludger wool ring, ophthalmologist and spokesman for the professional Association of eye doctors.

2. A balanced and healthy diet

Balanced, vitamin rich, and versatile – who wants to eat so, you do your body something Good, even the eyes. “It is especially important for the visual function of the vitamins C and E as well as zinc,” says Martin Smollich from the Institute for nutritional medicine at the University hospital of Schleswig-Holstein.

Vitamin C is found in peppers and parsley, Vitamin E, for example, in nuts and fish, and zinc, among other things, in hard cheese, or whole-grain bread on a sourdough base.

Also important for the eyes is Vitamin A, which can pull the body out of cooked carrots, but also from other fruits and vegetables. In developing countries Vitamin A deficiency is a common reason for children to go blind. In Germany, however, no healthy person has such a deficiency, his vision suffers. Conversely, an Oversupply of Vitamin A can improve, however, not the vision.

3. Be critical in the case of food supplements

Food Supplement based on Lutein-based are often marketed with the promise to use the eyes. “There are, however, no scientific evidence,” says Sigrid Röchter of the consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia. Lutein belongs to the carotenoids, and thus to the group of plant dyes.

If you still want to take supplements, you should have to put up with the risks and before taking a eye doctor to ask for advice. “In some of the preparations is, for example, in high-dose Form of zinc,” explains Röchter. The can affect, among other things, the copper balance in the body negative.

4. For a breath of fresh air

Drafts from the air conditioner can irritate the eyes and redness or even cause inflammation. Better to switch off the air conditioning and ventilation, instead, on a regular basis. Also breaks in the fresh air Spa for the eyes.

5. Not too long to stare at the screen

Anyone who spends the working day in front of the Computer, should give his eyes time-outs. “At least every 15 minutes, the view from the screen should be directed away,” advises wool ring. Because eyes need a change. It helps to let the eye wander and to secure aware of various objects in the vicinity and in the distance. The eye muscle remains flexible.

Permanent work on the screen may also cause eyes to dry out. Include the possible consequences of blurred vision and headaches. Therefore, it may be advisable to give a drops in the eye. It is also important, the colors and contrast on the Monitor to properly set, in order to relieve the eyes.

6. At worse See act

Some believe that the old glasses for a while, still does, even though he looks worse and worse. Others reject reading glasses, although you can see the Text is becoming harder. The goal is often to train the eyes. “But it didn’t work,” says wool ring. Who looks worse, you should examine his eyes and a new vision prescribe can.