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Anyone who is sick or after they survived the disease weakened and still physically heavily burdened, compromised heart health. This is true not only in the case of serious diseases, such as the real flu, but also in infections with little or no fever – so also in the case of a harmless cold.

Risk Of Heart Infection

Because, in an infection of the respiratory tract or the gastro-intestinal tract, the pathogen can also infect the heart. The result is an inflammation of the heart muscle is. This happens not infrequently: So, an estimated ten percent of all children and young people up to 15. The age of a such inflammation through.

What is an inflammation of the heart muscle is?

The language of myocarditis referred to disease of the heart muscle (myocardium) becomes inflamed. If the heart muscle inflammation of the heart bag (pericardium) becomes, speak to a physician from a Perimyokarditis.

In Europe, most of the inflammations of the heart muscle by viruses (such as cold or flu viruses). A total of about five to ten percent of all virus infections affecting the heart muscle. But also other pathogens (e.g. bacteria, fungi), as well as autoimmune cause disease, inflammation of the heart muscle.

Inflammations of the heart muscle are predominantly mild, often remain unnoticed and without consequences heal. The inflammation can be hard and chronic. Typical symptoms are heart rhythm disorders and heart weakness (heart failure). In the Latter, it is, among other things, shortness of breath, restless, and tired quickly. In extreme cases the heart may lead to weakness, to failure sudden cardiac.

So you protect your heart

With a severe inflammation of the heart muscle, especially those of arithmetic, the work in spite of the infection physically have to: Because you put your heart strong. Therefore, the most important treatment measure against inflammation of the heart muscle in yourself physically to conserve: In the acute Phase of the disease is strict bed rest announced.

Thus, it is not even so, you should your body to infections, in principle, sufficient rest – even if it might be hard on the usual sports to give up. You avoid so in the case of a common cold and other infections necessarily any Form of physical exercise until your symptoms subside and you feel healthy again.

Only then you can start slowly with the Sport. It is important that the stress only gradually increase and listen to your body: Once you get a evidence notice that you don’t the infection have recovered (for example, if you already shortly after the start of the training shortness of breath), break the workout up better.

What is an inflammation of the heart muscle do in signs?

Symptoms include, behind which is an inflammation of the heart muscle could be stuck:

  • General weakness
  • Heart rhythm disturbances (e.g., increased heart stumble)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Pain in the chest

If you experience after the infection of any such complaints, you can proceed as soon as possible to your family doctor or a cardiologist. Because it is important to identify inflammation of the heart muscle in an early stage and treat.

The treatment of an inflammation of the heart muscle is especially in a lot of rest. Even if the acute inflammation survived, you should be at least six weeks, physically (some Doctors even keep a six-month rest period is advisable). This means, for example:

  • not a Sport
  • no endurance training
  • with the Elevator instead of the stairs to run

After a serious heart muscle inflammation you should avoid sports performance permanently. The inflammation of the heart muscle, a heart weakness, causes, in addition to physical conservation, in addition to medication use (e.g., ACE-inhibitors, beta-blockers).

Before you catch a cold Sport, you should ask the question: Better in the short term, your workout, abandon, or Sport with a cold and an inflammation of the heart muscle risk to a much longer or even permanent break from Sport forces?


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