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Star, the Doctor declared: you can do That if the skin itches

If the skin is red and itchy, not to be Concerned, let the Scratching often: Star-Doctor Yael Adler explains the most common causes of itching when simple measures are sufficient and when to see a doctor should go.

Itching is something that everyone knows – and it was only by a mosquito bite. In this case, it is annoying, it takes but after a short time. Otherwise it is not, if, when itchy changes to the skin is immediately clear, where they come from.

“Itching is the most common complaint in the dermatological practice,” says skin doctor Yael Adler. Of chronic itching around eight percent of the people in Germany are affected. “Often, it is a detective work, where the itching and the skin changes are coming.”

These are the most common causes of itchy skin:

Itching, due to visible skin diseases:

  • dry skin due to too much Wash and Soaps
  • Atopic dermatitis (atopic eczema)
  • Contact Allergy, for example, cosmetics, fake jewelry, or sun Allergy
  • Hives, the allergic or pseudo-arises allergic to it, so if you have an infection or a food or a medicine, has not tolerated. In this case, the body develops itchy wheals.
  • Other diseases associated with itching, such as psoriasis.
  • Infections can also cause itchy skin: fungus, Herpes, pus, bacteria
  • Rashes due to an Allergy to a drug or due to Virus infections Inside the body with dots and spots on the skin

In addition, there are also itching, which is not visible on the skin. Then, doctors speak of “itching without matter”. “He arises, for example, by blood pressure medicines, pain relievers, anti-diabetes agent, or uric acid lowering drugs,” says Adler. More often, however, inner diseases, the result, if, for example, liver, kidney or thyroid work properly, but also Diabetes, to itching. Also iron deficiency or other deficiencies, which show up in the blood, can be the cause.

“It’s rare a cancer is manifested by itching of the skin, such as blood cancer, lymph node cancer, prostate cancer or other cancer types,” explains the dermatologist.

So the cause can be find out:

Thomas these migrants established several cultural Yael Adler works as a specialist doctor for dermatology in Berlin. The skin doctor will begin your detective work with the basic questions.

1.”Often, people wash and Soaps simply too much and cause harm to your skin’s protective mechanisms,” explains Adler. “You want to break it so that the pH-value, remove the protective Skin oils, and kill the love bouncer-bacteria.” Then it can lead to itching.

In this case, comply with simple measures to relieve: the patient should only stop once to clean up so aggressively, for example with water only showers without soap or a mild Syndet (wash-active substance from chemically prepared raw materials) only sweaty Bodies to use. Also, you should apply lotion to the dry Spots – the Motto here is “less is more” applies. That is, the maintenance should be minimal ingredients, no preservatives, no dyes, no fragrances and emulsifiers. The dermatologist recommended a mild cream from the pharmacy or Shea butter.

2. Next, you sets Concerned the question of whether they had an infection or drugs have taken.

3. “In addition, Stress skin itching can increase, because of Nerves, neurotransmitters are released in the skin,” explains Yael Adler. So also the histamine, which triggers itching.

4. Whether an Allergy assessment with hay fever, dust mites or animal hair allergies as the cause of the itch is out of the question, tests the skin doctor in the so-called prick testing, in which allergens are gepikst in the skin.

5. A patch test on the back, such as ingredients of cosmetics or Nickel in faux jewelry, you can find out whether a TYPE4-there’s an Allergy behind it, so a delayed Allergy by immune cells.

6. In the blood to determine how the composition of the micro-nutrients and whether deficiency, metabolic or organ problems, for example, of thyroid, liver, or kidney, or a hidden infection.

An important note Yael Adler with all those Affected: “Before you start on your own with a cortisone cream, it makes sense to go to the skin doctor.” Because sometimes it is also necessary that one takes a sample of skin and this would be distorted as a result.

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Then you should go to the doctor:

“Itchy skin changes in you should not take it serious, especially if it subside after a few days, but several weeks of stopping,” says the dermatologist. The persons Concerned should go to the cause not necessarily to the bottom of this and find out: What is in the body of the Lot?

“Alarm signals are always, if you have other symptoms such as night sweats, weight loss, or General malaise,” says Adler. This could be a sign of suffering on cancer, serious infections or Organ.

Yael Adler has another tip: “It is recommended to photograph the affected areas, especially if the skin changes and then go back.” To describe to the doctor the history, can Orient patients on the following questions:

  • What do I see?
  • Where is it, so, for example, face, torso…?
  • It is symmetrical or one-sided?
  • Diffuse or localized?
  • Complaints: Wets it or not?
  • It affects the General well-being? How strongly I’m affected?

So Concerned pustules, blisters can distinguish eczema:

  • Pustules small blisters that are filled with pus, yellowish. You can, for example, caused by staphylococci or yeast-fungus. There are infectious and non-infectious pustules (in the case of psoriasis).
  • Bubbles are always bigger than half a centimeter. Large fluid-filled cavities in the top layer of the skin, or between the upper and the leather skin. What everyone knows, is the bubble that you can get when walking in new shoes.
  • Eczema is an inflammation of the skin. This can be recognized, that there is a redness, little blisters or dandruff, thickening, and if you already have longer. Everything is superficial, palpable, scaly and red, is considered to be eczema. In the acute state, it is wet.

The body tells the body about the cause:

“The place of the body says not so much about the cause,” limit the expert. On the basis of the skin image and the Region can begin the search:

Itching in the Bend of the arms and legs, it can be a reference to atopic dermatitis, the Extensor surfaces of the joints affected, it is more likely for a psoriasis.

To the legs it might be a vascular inflammation, if the blood point to the fabric outlet, or a varicose condition in which the blood is pooling.

In the face can be one eczema behind it or even a contact Allergy to care or cosmetic products that you used.

The rash on the hull, much speaks in favour of a reaction to a drug or a Virus.

It itches in the genital area can be the cause of a venereal disease or even just aggressive care. Most frequently, a yeast fungus is to blame. In rare cases, a car may be an immune disease such as Lichen sclerosus the cause.

So itchy skin will be treated:

“Unfortunately, there is no General recommendation for immediate action, as there are different itch qualities, depending on which second messengers are the trigger,” says Yael Adler. Some help cool, others heat, others like to RUB easy.

In principle, it is so, says the dermatologist: “the skin Is rather dry, helps oily cream. Weeping blisters, relieve cool envelopes to show, for example, with black tea to the itching.“

Scratch gives the Affected often first relief. But then there is the risk that bacteria will enter the skin and inflamed is. “In addition, the mechanical Manipulation causes more histamine or inflammation of the messenger is set in the skin,” warns Adler. From Scratching, especially with dirty hands, discourages you, as well as of the state too long to endure. “You go rather too much for the doctor!”

Creams strengthen the skin barrier

In the consultation with the doctor can find out what is the cause, in order to combat the symptoms adequately. The range of creams that can relieve itchy skin changes in is great, soothes Yael Adler itching sore.

Since there are products with micro-silver, Polidocanol, Vitamin B3, oats, Capsaicin, or Menthol and camphor (wherein essential Oils can irritate). In addition, creams can strengthen with skin-like lipids, Panthenol, urea, or probiotic creams the skin barrier, by “feed the good bacteria and strengthen the bad displace”. Sometimes it also need a cortisone cream.

This helps itching patients, in addition:

  • Do not wear synthetic clothing, no wool, but prefer cotton.
  • Showers to bathe better lukewarm instead of hot.
  • You use very sparingly and only in sweaty body mild washing products wrinkles, for example, on the Basis of sugar or coconut surfactants, without dyes, fragrances, preservatives.
  • Pay attention to regelmäße skin care, especially dry skin, dry areas protects and repair with pure 100 percent unrefined Shea butter.
  • Use products with few content.
  • You reduce the amount of dust in the apartment.
  • Do not place plants with earth, because mould spores can keep.
  • You don’t smoke.
  • Avoid alcohol because it increases blood circulation, which promotes itching and also toxic effect.
  • You play sports and you go in the Sauna, strengthens the skin immune system.

And, not least, it must be according to Yael Adler is also a good feeling on the skin with a healthy dose of slowing down: “Relax, to move, to love, to be in balance, relieves irritation.”