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Supermarkets may shock images on cigarette conceal boxes

Supermarkets also need to make in the future, the disgusting pictures on cigarette packets for customers. The Munich higher regional court dismissed on Thursday a complaint of the Initiative, Pro smoke-free, with the help of two Edeka-shops should be banned, the shock photos of cancer, ulcers, rotten teeth and black lungs on the selling block machines to Verde. “We believe that the lawsuit is not justified,” said the presiding judge Andreas Mueller on Thursday. It was the second defeat of the non-Smoking club: a year Ago, the regional court of Munich had rejected in the first instance of the lawsuit. The next stage will be the Federal court in Karlsruhe: Pro smoke-free the hassle through all the instances by fencing will said, if necessary, to the European court of justice, as the Chairman Siegfried Ermer, according to the ruling.

Cigarette vending machines to replace: Per the smoke free wants to go through all the instances

The main goal of smoke-free it is to ban cigarette sales in vending machines in Germany. “Germany is the only country in which there are still cigarette vending machines,” said Ermer. The EU tobacco products Directive stipulates, that on cigarette packs big deterrent photos shown need to be. Together with warnings such as “Smoking kills” must take pictures of at least two – thirds of the area on the front and rear sides of the packages. In many supermarkets, the photos are hidden in the vending machines but. The judge at the higher regional court argued, similar to the district court before one year: The shock of the pictures must be seen at the Moment of purchase on the box of cigarettes, but the vending machine at the supermarket checkout is, therefore, no packaging, but a Selling arrangement”.

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