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The entire hospital staff gets a holiday gift as a thank you for his work

Thousands of people in New York City are infected with the novel Coronavirus, the case numbers are rising rapidly. The health system of the metropolis of the pandemic, and stand barely holds the hospitals are overloaded. Doctors and nurses work tirelessly and hard to help sick people. The luxury hotel chain Hyatt and American Airlines have teamed up to thank the heroes of the corona of a crisis. As CNN reported, was surprised the staff of the New York’s Elmhurst hospital last Friday with a special tribute to three nights free vacation.


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Hyatt and American Airlines merge

The two companies giving away free return flights with American Airlines and Hyatt Hotels to selected destinations in the United States and the Caribbean. “We hope that the break helps to recharge your batteries and to have more time for your family. And that you feel our appreciation for their sacrifice and their heroism,” says American Airlines chief Robert Isom.

“We are Hyatt and American Airlines is very grateful for this generous gift to our employees in the health sector, which were at the epicenter of the COVID-19-pandemic,” says the hospital’s chief, Israel Rocha, in a Statement. The hospital is located in the borough of Queens, a diverse socio-economic district of New York City. According to CNN, are treated annually in this hospital a Million people.

Source: CNN

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