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The flesh is white, with water-melons at all edible?

A lot of water, vitamins and hardly any calories: watermelons are the ideal summer snack. Popular is the sweet, red flesh is especially. The white edge before the shell lands, however, are often in the trash, because a lot of people fear that he might be unfit for human consumption. But is it really true?

The Verbraucherzentrale Bayern are in a current message clear: “This white portion is edible and contains valuable substances such as vitamins C and B6,” says Susanne Moritz, diet expert to the consumer. Vitamin C is responsible for many important tasks – it acts such as an anti-oxidant and eliminates free radicals. Vitamin B6 substances, among other things, in the formation of neurotransmitters in the nerves and fat metabolism.

The disadvantage of the white flesh: It tastes less sweet than its red counterpart, and sometimes even slightly bitter. But that is no reason to dispose of the white part of the melon. Small diced, he is a good companion for salads, and also Smoothies the lack of Sweetness is less weight. Basically, the white border is the smaller they are, the riper the watermelon is. Who does not want to eat the white flesh, and as such should always buy ripe fruit.

Here you can read how to determine the perfect degree of ripeness in a watermelon

Cores please chew

Also the seeds of a watermelon are generally edible. At best, the kernels should be crushed before Swallowing, however. “To be swallowed whole cores, can not utilize the body the vitamins and minerals in them,” said Moritz. On the Whole, the seeds wander undisturbed through the stomach and intestines and be excreted again.

The expert therefore advises to chew the seeds. Who does not want to, can you cut out of the flesh and place on a baking sheet to roast. So a crunchy Topping for soups, salads or Smoothies arises.

Source: Verbraucherzentrale Bayern

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